Ripple Early Stage Surge.

ESS (Early Stage Surge) is a phenomenon found within mass interest in an early investment stage. Low level accumulation occurs over a period of time, with large movements of wealth distribution before enter a parabolic stage from mainstream interest.

If the bank investment is real scale then price accumulation could push the valuation above 0.001, only if the price of bitcoin drops to a $500 handle.

With banking sector interest in blockchain technology, Ripple addresses the issues of liquidity. By allocating ripple to provide liquidity, large amounts of currency can be exchanged into ripple to be exchanged into another financial instrument.
This allows for minimal risk and full control of risk management procedures.

Fundamentals point toward an impending cryptosphere bubble. Mainstream understanding and wide scale adoption of low risk transaction methods effectively minimises collateral fees.
Long term investment is the best option. Locating small risk and continual investment into multiple instruments allows for the best level of diversification to maintain the smallest risk for large scale returns.