XVG/BTC - will there be explosive upside soon?

BITTREX:XVGBTC   Verge / Bitcoin
Based of the Prophets indicator suite, a golden pepe appear when there is divergence appears across different indicators like RSI , MACD , MFI , OBV and a custom OSC. A golden pepe is created by combining these 5 divergences.

Back testing this on a Weekly chart for XVG/ BTC shows that within 10/11 bars (weeks) after a golden pepe appears, xvg begins bullish movement up to double the previous PA, not only percentage wise but also with volume . The outlier of this find 1st golden pepe appearance in Sept/2018.

Within 6 weeks, PA turns bullish and the move up begins (of course with the 1st pepe being the outlier in the find).

Using this same logic, the chart suggests that within 3-4 weeks, we could see explosive upside potential for xvg.

In the RSI pane at the bottom of the chart, you can also see that the green area is signalling a trend reversal based, with more ghost (not locked in yet) divergence across MFI , MACD , OBV and a custom OSC (locks in on this weekly close if it closes green).

Disclaimer, i currently hold zero xvg, but i will be buying a decent sized bag of it if we can have a solid close above 27 sats .

I'm not here to shill the prophets suite, i don't work for them, i don't have any ties to their business, but if you're interested i a trial, visit prophets. vip