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Commodities can be cash commodities, or actual materials, like gold, copper, pork or wheat. A futures contract is called a contract because it requires physical delivery at a specific date in the future, and the buyer has to accept unless the futures contract is sold before it’s due (expired).

Buyers and sellers of futures contracts agree with the sellers on a fixed price to purchase a commodity at the delivery date. As time goes on, the price of the futures contract fluctuates, due to different expectations of what the price should be. Futures charts are used to track these price changes and speculative traders can profit or lose on these movements.
tntsunrise tntsunrise TOP XAUUSD, 240, Short , 2 days ago
7856 29 172
XAUUSD, 240 Short
Gold pay attention to 1334.78 this week.
Gold pay attention to 1334.78 this week. if price close below this level. wait for a pull back and short
Wave-Trader Wave-Trader TOP UKOIL, D, 1 hour ago
134 3 15
Oil Patterns Analysis
I am expecting next impulse breakdown will invalidate the idea.
GcNaif GcNaif MOD XAUUSD, 60, 6 hours ago
406 0 14
Trade Plan for Sep 28-2016
i am expecting some more down move on gold. As long as it stays below 1327-1330 i will be targeting for the next Clone level i.e 1320 The current Clone levels are : Short(favorable for now) : 1327-1320-1313 Long: 1331-1337-1341 Note: this is not a trade advice. Do your due diligence prior to placing trades.
WaveAlchemy WaveAlchemy XAUUSD, 240, Long , 1 day ago
177 4 6
XAUUSD, 240 Long
Hi all, This wave count states that 1) Minor 1 completed on 6 JUL as a zigzag 5-3-5, 2) Minor 2 completed on 1 SEPT as either a double-three or a zigzag 5-3-5 and 3) Minor 3 is unfolding in its early stages of development and most likely as a regular motive structure. Some confidence will be place in this count if price moves beyond the aqua blue trend line.
Loii Loii XAUUSD, D, Long , 1 hour ago
104 1 7
GOLD LAST BULL LEG. all wedge eventually break, see the previous wedge break in April Private message me if you're interested in trading Live with me on Gold, Silver & AUDUSD. I give only good risk/reward trades only.
IgnatBorisenko IgnatBorisenko TOP CLX2016, 120, Short , 2 hours ago
105 1 5
CLX2016, 120 Short
CRUDE OIL - triangle in wave b
Wave turns out to be a double zigzag, so a new local low is possible soon
Mehrdad_Orou Mehrdad_Orou XAUUSD, 240, Long , 23 hours ago
233 0 6
XAUUSD, 240 Long
By having a breaking out in the blue line , we can have a long position .
chartwatchers chartwatchers PRO XAUUSD, D, Long , 6 days ago
6691 79 71
GOLD - Lightspeed
Lightspeed 1. The speed of light in vacuum, commonly denoted c, is a universal physical constant important in many areas of physics. 2. Lightspeed is a point-of-sale software provider based in Montreal, Canada. 3. Lightspeed, is a 2006 superhero film directed by Don E. FauntLeRoy. 4. Lightspeed was gold's rally on the 21st September. Happened exactly what I was warning bears last week : we will give back many days of short gains in one day. So today we erased 6 days of short gains. By the end of the day only those bears were at break even who sold their shorts on the 2nd day of this decline. I can tell you that these bears are below 10%. The most of them sold the shorts later. This is how bull market works. Slow suffering decline to support zones and powerful rally out of the DCL or HCL to the next resistance. The problem in selling short here is that bears psichologically in the obsession of the short trade. Even if they can close the position in time and make profit they are unable to change the direction and catch the big move. In this case the best short traders entered at 1340 and exited at - lets say - 1306 . The profit is 34$ in 8 days. Gold rallied today - 1 day!!!- 30$. But these short traders are not in this rally. Some of them will be waiting for a pullback to enter a long but the pullback will never come. Some of them will try to short and gives back 60-100$ to the bull as we are breaking to new highs. So that's the way love goes. In this case we printed a HCL at 1308. It was a tough HCL : almost took out the DCL low but finally the DCL was holding. In the metal markets you have to know : bullion banks and smartmoney will do everything to knock you out of position. The only thing you can use are the cycles. 9 from 10 times the cycle is helping to survive the drawdowns. Unfortunately some long traders were stopped out at the exact bottom. :( Some of them were margin called some of them were freaking out. If you trade in the metal sector it's very important that you mustn't be 100% invested. If you are trading on high margin impact big players will knock you out in the whipsaws. So try to have a smaller position (20-30% of the total capital) . Today we rallied to the bear market trendline. I think tomorrow the dollar will continue its decline in the lack of japanese inervention . And gold will test the upper trendline of the consolidation (blue). And here comes the trick. As many times in the past worked the selling short at this trendline this is the time when it's not going to work. We are going to break the blue trendline and print a higher high. The rally above the consolidation depends on how strong is the dollar's decline. RSI and SLowStoch needs to get overbought and I would like to see a MACD crossover also. Why? Because it's a bull market and before a serious decline we need to break to new highs.
PerpetualLearner PerpetualLearner PRO USOIL, 90, Long , 12 hours ago
39 3 2
USOIL, 90 Long
USOIL possible upswing
Based on my analysis we may see an upswing from here... Also we have MACD crossover as confirmation for this setup I got an entry at 44.63 Stop : 44.14 TP1: 45.42 TP2 : 45.90
ntes ntes USOIL, 60, Long , 18 hours ago
103 2 4
USOIL, 60 Long
hold 44.3, long to 47.5, nice profit, low stop loss
hold 44.3, long to 47.5, nice profit, low stop loss, stop lop at 44
IDEAL IDEAL USOIL, 240, Short , 19 hours ago
101 0 6
USOIL, 240 Short
USOIL (27 Sep 2016) Update Chart 22 Sep 2016 (Short Term Setup)
butterflyfly butterflyfly XAGUSD, 60, 8 hours ago
48 1 3
1h two direction for Silver.
There is a downward trend line in silver now. Also there is a support structure here. When the price choose the direction we follow.
graham.edwards84 graham.edwards84 XAUUSD, W, 1 day ago
124 2 3
Gold - A battle of two titans
You can see by the blue trend-lines that gold likes to follow a narrow band, even more narrow when rising. So it is unlikely that it will move sideways between the two black trend-lines for very long... maybe for a little while but notice from the past this band is far too wide for gold's comfort. The red compare is USDJPY - gold's nemesis. The two are in collision, locked in mortal combat... to the victorious, the spoils of riches and a path higher... to the vanquished, humility and a bears breakfast...
RationalTrader RationalTrader XAUUSD, D, Short , 18 hours ago
151 0 4
Waiting for the current impulsive structure to break soon
After a five wave impulsive structure, we're seem to be break out in an corrective pattern, forming a wedge shaped A wave. Leading Wedges like the structure currently forming can only appear in the 1st wave or the A wave, supporting the idea (Elliott wave theory).
Kishore Kishore PRO XAUUSD, 240, 3 hours ago
107 2 1
Gold Channel
Market Analysis: The pair is trading inside a channel in the daily frame. The market has tested the resistance and is now starting to move towards the channel support. But still the market is in a long term buy trend, After testing the support can expect a long uptrend to the 1350.00 level. So lets wait and see what the market does in the coming days. Cheers!
AngelJill AngelJill XAGUSD, 240, Long , 10 hours ago
89 0 4
XAGUSD, 240 Long
Silver: AB = CD + structure Back to more than 618 Do more than 19.05 Stop 18.93 38 goals ". 60 21 goals.
FxWirePro FxWirePro PRO NGAS, D, Long , 1 day ago
113 0 6
NGAS, D Long
Natural Gas trades higher on rising demand, good to buy on dips
Natural gas breaks the psychological resistance around $3 and jumped till $3.09.It has closed at $2.965. The commodity has once again risen back towards $3 on Monday, holding near a 20- month high. It is currently trading around 2.998. The commodity has broken above $3 (Jul 1st 2016 high) due to speculative buying. Historic heat has caused record demand for natural gas at gas-fired electricity to power air conditioning. The Farmer’s Almanac is forecasting more cold winter for the lower 48 United States. It has good track record for their Long term weather forecast. If the forecast comes true then the chance of changing from Natural Gas storage surplus to storage shortage is high. Technically any continuous close above $3 will confirm major bullishness, a jump till $3.28 (161.8% retracement of $2.993 and $2.523)/$3.35 is possible. On the lower side , $2.870 (21- day MA) will be acting as short term support and any violation below targets $2.739 (61.8% retracement of $2.519 and $3.094)/$2.670. It is good to buy on dips around $2.990 with SL around $2.87 for the TP of $3.30/$3.35.
purpurato59 purpurato59 PRO COPPER, D, Short , 12 hours ago
53 1 1
Where the economy really goes
Copper just made a peak and is gathering downward momentum. I entered this trade yesterday, but I believe there is still potential and the trend may last for a few days more. The weekly shows the same pattern and we are crossing the Ichimoku cloud soon, all good bearish signs. Targets are on the following levels of the pitchfork. Thanks for your comments.




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