An ETF, or exchange traded fund, is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund. Unlike mutual funds, an ETF trades like a common stock on a stock exchange. ETFs experience price changes throughout the day as they are bought and sold. ETFs typically have higher daily liquidity and lower fees than mutual fund shares, making them an attractive alternative for individual investors.

Because it trades like a stock, an ETF does not have its net asset value (NAV) calculated once at the end of every day like a mutual fund does.
ucsgears ucsgears PRO EURUSD, W, Long , 5 hours ago
165 0 8

Watch for the bottoming action unfold, before you get bullish on this one. I am watching, Major asset classes for the long term investments only. I do not trade these short term. First Gold and Silver. Now, the Currencies. most probably i will go for the options on ETFs. ALSO, Not interested in any other setups on this chart.

cguthrie922 cguthrie922 PRO USO, D, Short , a day ago
24 0 6
USO, D Short

On March 24, 2017 the United States Oil Fund USO, 200 daily moving average crossed below the 250 daily moving average. Historically this has occurred 10 times. When this happens, the ETF drops a minimum of 0.151%, has a median drop of 2.214% and maximum drop of 10.623% over the next 10 trading days. This last occurred December 8, 2014 and the fund dropped 67.92% ...

Intuit Intuit PRO BTCCNY, W, Short , 2 days ago
BTCCNY: Is the Bitcoin Bubble Over?
355 2 13
Is the Bitcoin Bubble Over?

It appears that we are breaking down from a non-limiting triangle which is the 2nd phase of a double combination. This likely concludes wave-(b) which means that we could now be beginning Wave-(c) and entering into a year-long bear trend. The alternative is that this forms into an x-wave or a d-wave and that we continue up towards 1800 much sooner than if this ...

IvanLabrie IvanLabrie PRO EPU, W, Long , 7 days ago
EPU: Peru: 75% upside in Peru in the long term
166 0 15
EPU, W Long
Peru: 75% upside in Peru in the long term

Looks like a very low risk buy opportunity, as part of an investment in emerging markets. The Peru ETF, EPU has a nice technical chart, and would be a fine addition to an emerging markets portfolio. It's also a dollar short, due to the heavy weight of commodities in Peru's GDP. Good luck, Ivan Labrie.

BuyBitcoin BuyBitcoin BTCUSD, D, Long , a month ago
BTCUSD: Potential Next Bitcoin Megabull Cycle - August 2017
3977 19 51
Potential Next Bitcoin Megabull Cycle - August 2017

Here is my update on the current impending Bitcoin Megabull Cycle. Annotations are on chart! As you all of you know by now, we had a spot on beautiful megabull rally as I had anticipated back then: That's until the PBOC ...

scootaloo711 scootaloo711 BTCUSD, D, 2 days ago
BTCUSD: XBTH17: the massive
261 0 5
XBTH17: the massive

It either crashes until/on April 1st OR forms a massive H&S newz: NO ETF! hard fork?

jayo888 jayo888 IYF, D, Short , 2 days ago
IYF: $IYF 103.12 possible continue down, to test support at $101
7 0 2
IYF, D Short
$IYF 103.12 possible continue down, to test support at $101

Financial ETF, possible continue down, to test support at $101, Paint-bars in red, MF in red. But BBand might hold.

IvanLabrie IvanLabrie PRO SPX500, D, Long , 11 days ago
SPX500: SPX: Sellers trapped here
561 5 27
SPX500, D Long
SPX: Sellers trapped here

We have a bullish signal in $SPX ahead of FOMC. I'd assume most people are bearish on the index, since they all expect a drastic reaction to an almost dead certain rate hike by the Fed (I'm not so sure they will actually raise rates this time, or if they do, that the effect will be what people expect). I'm long a few quality stocks, and recently entered positions ...

Benkebab Benkebab XBTEUR, W, Long , 18 days ago
XBTEUR: Will the ETF really change anything?
160 0 5
Will the ETF really change anything?

It looks like the bullish tendancy will go on. Bitcoin insiders have bet on a shorterm uptrend since the beginning of the year (red dots). Why would it change? We might just see a pullback to the midterm trend (blue support) or even the longterm uptrend (purple support), but a little defiance from the institutions has no reason to shook all trust in Bitcoins ...

outboxvision outboxvision ICNXBT, D, Long , 8 days ago
ICNXBT: Iconomi - a LONG story that nobody cares to understand
2065 5 17
Iconomi - a LONG story that nobody cares to understand

Despite the fact that that ICN got no pump during this recent bull run on basically all the alt coins out there, the fundamentals have not changed, i'm still holding and i'm gonna do it until 10$ but that's not what most people want because it is at least 2 year away. Is funny how people are waiting for etf's here and there when they got a fund out of SEC ...

investigator investigator PRO BTCUSD, W, Short , 2 days ago
BTCUSD: BTC WEEKLY CHART: "The Panic Zone" It's F'Ugly
226 1 4
BTC WEEKLY CHART: "The Panic Zone" It's F'Ugly

This has to be the ugliest chart I've seen in a very very long time. Where to begin... The top was put in when the US SEC ruled against allowing the Winklevoss twins to create a BTC backed ETF. They had spent the last 2 months accumulating asset to back the ETF and then dumped it all at once when it was obvious they should put their money somewhere else. That ...

Tone_LLT Tone_LLT PRO BTCUSD, D, Long , 7 days ago
BTCUSD: Bitcoin is Back to a Critical Support Level
752 0 18
Bitcoin is Back to a Critical Support Level

Once again Bitcoin finds itself at the bottom of the channel. The $915 was my perfect buy point after the ETF denial news broke. We did not get that low but this recent SegWit vs Bitcoin Unlimited news is giving us another chance. Most people are now panicking and selling and perhaps they are right and much lower prices are to come. However, this does create a ...

bagofXMR bagofXMR BTCUSD, D, Short , 9 days ago
1675 31 36

This is a sad moment for Bitcoin. And probably for whole crypto-market. We've seen bullish exhuberance on altcoin markets, where major alts (DASH, ETH, XMR) gained an 100% in average last 7 days. And they gained much more at their peaks. These are the actual numbers against BTC since bitcoin ETF rejection: XMR +155% ETH +295% DASH +265% And other minor alts ...

btc_joe btc_joe PRO BTCUSD, D, Short , a month ago
BTCUSD: Is it time for the correction?
3465 29 48
Is it time for the correction?

Why this could be totally wrong: Monthly/Weekly close 1 week MACD looks strong Cup and Handle break out Potential ETF approval Why this could be right: All of the information in this chart Could be a bigger cup and handle with handle just beginning Not shown in chart: 1 week RSI MACD potential bear div (oversold) potential bear div on 3d RSI ...

AnnabelleTrader AnnabelleTrader SPX, D, Short , 2 days ago
SPX: S&P 500 Forms Bearish Pattern, Spelling Downside To This Target
84 0 6
SPX, D Short
S&P 500 Forms Bearish Pattern, Spelling Downside To This Target

The stock market is forming a classic bear flag pattern. Bear flags are formed after a huge move down, when the market only gets a small bounce or stays flat over the course of multiple days. That is exactly what is happening to the S&P 500. This signals to investors that another move down is coming, likely to a target of $228.00 on the S&P 500 tracking ETF $SPY. ...

tlzkrh1029 tlzkrh1029 PRO BTCUSD, 240, 2 days ago
BTCUSD: Bitcoin Crisis (4h)
170 1 3
Bitcoin Crisis (4h)

After finishing big downtrend since oct. 2015, when bitcoin meets a crisis for each time, we can see candles move horizontally around EMA 633 and be supported by that. For example, as you can see in the left red box, the time when Bitfinex get hacked in august 2016 and sudden big downtrend by China in January 2017 and the last one is nowadays because of ...

nixholas nixholas ETCBTC, D, Long , 4 days ago
ETCBTC: The Year for Ethereum Classic.
158 0 6
The Year for Ethereum Classic.

Self Explanatory. ETF rejection, Bitcoin hard forks, DAO Implications last year, Ethereum limitless ether production. ETC has 4 people working on it with the thinking of setting the 300 million etc limit? Sounds good, another BTC to come. Here's a chart to tempt you to long and join the mars journey.

IvanLabrie IvanLabrie PRO ETHXBT, D, Long , 15 days ago
ETHXBT: ETHXBT: Ethereum has a weekly uptrend
1360 11 34
ETHXBT: Ethereum has a weekly uptrend

The target hasn't been hit yet, but we might end up hitting it, and stalling there for some time, as I had explained in the monthly chart I posted. If you're long, look into closing margin longs on target, or if you own more than 50% account, go back to BTC to maintain equal weights in your cash account (spot, no leverage). The support here is strong, so you can ...

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