An ETF, or exchange traded fund, is a marketable security that tracks an index, a commodity, bonds, or a basket of assets like an index fund. Unlike mutual funds, an ETF trades like a common stock on a stock exchange. ETFs experience price changes throughout the day as they are bought and sold. ETFs typically have higher daily liquidity and lower fees than mutual fund shares, making them an attractive alternative for individual investors.

Because it trades like a stock, an ETF does not have its net asset value (NAV) calculated once at the end of every day like a mutual fund does.
BigEz BigEz USOIL, 180, Short , 20 hours ago
USOIL: Second Big wave is here..  low tide still late Jan.
144 0 9
USOIL, 180 Short
Second Big wave is here.. low tide still late Jan.
Ok this is a quick summary of today's trade.. I will update today and over weekend and include Timecycle Chart which this trade is linked to.. This is my daily tracking chart. We added 20% Short @ 51.28, will add more if we fail the trend again or collapses below 50.7x. Manuel stops about 53. Trade safe! ...
bsvtwit bsvtwit PRO XBI, 240, Long , 11 hours ago
XBI: Long opportunity for Biotech ETF
18 0 2
XBI, 240 Long
Long opportunity for Biotech ETF
Looking for a continuation of post election rally in biotechs
Dll Dll PRO TMV, D, Long , a day ago
TMV: One indicator for GDX
12 0 1
TMV, D Long
One indicator for GDX
The is just one study that shows the current GDX down trend is approaching an end. The reason I choose TMV is simply because it is leveraged, a closer comparable to that miners are leveraged position of gold price. I understand there are reasons people don't like using the leverage ETFs, but this is only for ...
vonLuftwaffle vonLuftwaffle LUV, W, Long , 21 days ago
LUV: [Long LUV] Southwest Airlines - Ready for take-off!
114 1 2
LUV, W Long
[Long LUV] Southwest Airlines - Ready for take-off!
Put your seatbelt on because after 10 months of delay we're finally cleared for take-off If you're worried about possible rise in WTI prices, hedge it using either ETFs or Futures. My in-house analysis show building of a major medium/long term bullish momentum.
stantrader stantrader SPX, D, Short , 18 days ago
SPX: SPX - Emerging Market Divergence
94 0 3
SPX, D Short
SPX - Emerging Market Divergence
It's common for 'risk-on' assets to move together. The above chart shows the SPX with an overlay of the Emerging Market ETF (EEM). Also, below the chart is the correlation of the two. As we can see they are fairly correlated and they generally move together, just the magnitude of the movement is where they differ. ...
tntsunrise tntsunrise TOP XAGUSD, W, Long , 10 days ago
XAGUSD: Silver Long Term Investment Trade
3749 8 92
Silver Long Term Investment Trade
Silver Long Term Investment Trade Weekly Chart there is a Bat Pattern complete at 14.47 Also it is a structure zone. Would like to buy silver (ETF, not future) for long term investment. 21 and 26 will be the long term target
Ero23 Ero23 BTCUSD, D, Long , 2 months ago
BTCUSD: Bitcoin goes to $1k then to $6k possibly to $27K
1881 0 12
Bitcoin goes to $1k then to $6k possibly to $27K
According to this chart we can expect to see increased volume in the coming months. If this is buy volume and given the lack of daily supply we could see a float up to the low $1000 by early 2017 and then FOMO up to $6k and in the case of a major financial catastrophe in 2017 we might even see big numbers (above ...
IvanLabrie IvanLabrie TOP UCO, D, Long , 3 days ago
UCO: UCO: Buy at the open
223 6 12
UCO, D Long
UCO: Buy at the open
UCO has an interesting setup to go long at the open, ideally if we make a new daily low here. We can enter at the open, but it'd be nicer if we hit 8.91, risking a drop to 8.35. Upside is considerable, and this ETF uses up half the cash compared to UCO, so it's a good vehicle to ride the post-OPEC meeting rally -if ...
timwest timwest PRO SPY, M, 24 days ago
1593 24 28
Let's look at the monthly chart of the S&P500 by way of the SPY (S&P500 ETF). What we see here is a pattern that shows how a market moves and how to read those movements. These are the tracks left behind by the transactions in the market. If a seller jumps aggressively into the market and "hits the bid" (the ...
chartwatchers chartwatchers PRO XBI, D, Long , a month ago
XBI: LABU - A possible bottom
2275 37 42
XBI, D Long
LABU - A possible bottom
Yesterday we had a capitulation type of volume in XBI, so I think we are very close to the bottom, or maybe we had it yesterday. I still think that the 06.29-06.30 gap is a runaway gap - which will never be filled- and yesterday we almost exactly tested back the top of the gap. And today we couldn't fall anymore we ...
markrivest markrivest JJC, D, Short , 6 days ago
JJC: Tremendous Evidence Indicates Important JJC/Copper Peak
37 0 5
JJC, D Short
Tremendous Evidence Indicates Important JJC/Copper Peak
The Copper ETF- JJC has a very clear Elliott wave pattern and appears to be near completion of a Double Zigzag that began in January 2016. Additional evidence that suggests a top. 1) RSI is in the overbought zone with a bearish divergence. 2) MACD Histogram has a bearish divergence. 3) The nearest Copper futures ...
Lauddy Lauddy BTCCNY, W, Long , 13 days ago
BTCCNY: Long Bitcoin Target 9600 CNY (+80%) Stop 4250 CNY (-20%) Dec 16
271 0 1
Long Bitcoin Target 9600 CNY (+80%) Stop 4250 CNY (-20%) Dec 16
Main fundamental drivers until year end: - China: capital outflows due to yuan devaluation (reinforced by stronger dollar: Trump/higher expected inflation/Fed hike in December?) - Segwit: positive technical improvement for bitcoin's scalability and transaction speed - India: 500 & 1000 rupee notes banned sparks ...
DanV DanV MOD GC1!, M, Long , 9 months ago
2904 20 47
GC1!, M Long
This chart originally published about a year ago anticipating a low being formed around 1150 zone did not get follow though and the price action developed a lager falling wedge resulting in eventual low which now seems to be established in 1050 area. Due to this protracted agonising ending diagonal chop, it has ...
tmp_cox tmp_cox AEX, D, 5 days ago
AEX: How to hedge marketrisk with opposite movements in the market?
20 0 2
How to hedge marketrisk with opposite movements in the market?
In the follow graph you can see the following 'stocks': GOLD ETF, AEX (indextracker) and Unilever You can also see the expanded ghost patern that will predict the marketmovement/divergence between the 'stocks'. In this case: GOLD will fall = AEX will rise | Unilever will fall or rise 3.5% more than the AEX will ...
nick.holland78 nick.holland78 PRO PA1!, D, Long , 9 days ago
PA1!: Palladium - Daily
16 0 1
PA1!, D Long
Palladium - Daily
I'm long PALL (etf) from 61.20. White count, while valid, is suspect given the deep wave 4 (below the 61.8% extension). I've added the blue count--a variation of sub-divisions in wave (3) with much higher targets. Given the rally stalled at the 100% extension off the lows, then failed to hold the 61.8% extension, ...
IvanLabrie IvanLabrie TOP BTCCNY, 3D, Long , a month ago
BTCCNY: BTCCNY: trading plan update
720 2 14
BTCCNY: trading plan update
Dear followers, we have a good and fundamentally backed uptrend here, both boosted by the Winklevoss ETF, and Chinese investors fleeing from China as the PBOC might go with stricter controls in the near future. Price action, and fundamental key levels favor the advance, as well as the 'Time at mode' and RgMov ...
Algokid Algokid PRO SPY/TLT, D, 2 years ago
SPY/TLT: Risk On /Risk Off Strategy with ETF
692 9 14
Risk On /Risk Off Strategy with ETF
Is possible to be determine when to be on the right side of the market , most of the time ? well yes, using simple market timing strategies such as the SPY against it's 200 ma, would help you avoid all the bear market in the last 20 + years . But is there another way to do this ? Here's a strategy i'm currently ...
SPYderCrusher SPYderCrusher PRO GLD, D, Long , 2 years ago
GLD: GOLD Daily Upside Reversal -- Dynamics Behind a $GLD Rebound
980 7 11
GLD, D Long
GOLD Daily Upside Reversal -- Dynamics Behind a $GLD Rebound
This chart shows GLD, the major ETF proxy for Gold prices, on a Daily timeframe. Plotted on the chart are our SCMR Trends™, which accurately identify price trends and behaviors , and SCMR Dynamic Levels™, which dynamically plot support / resistance zones. Both are available in the TradingView App store. Today is ...
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