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A stock market or equity market is the aggregation of buyers and sellers (a loose network of economic transactions, not a physical facility or discrete entity) of stocks (also called shares); these may include securities listed on a stock exchange as well as those only traded privately.

Stock charts show historical and latest prices for publicly traded companies. Prices represent trades made by stock market participants when they buy and sell shares, which in turn represent ownership of the company. There are different stock chart types, such candlesticks, area, lines and bars to view latest market data. Anyone interested in the stock market, such as reporters, investors and analysts can perform technical analysis on stock charts and identify potential trends. Through technical analysis traders attempt to predict where prices will go next.

Various tools help investors perform technical stock chart analysis, such as technical indicators and drawing tools. Tools can be applied to one or several stock charts, in order to determine any existing correlations or other interactions. Prices on stock charts can be viewed in a number of formats, including candles, bars, lines or shaded areas. Different stock chart types reveal different information about the price tendencies, which means they can be helpful in different situations. Each stock chart can also be viewed in different resolutions, such as days, hours, or minutes. This helps zoom and see more precise market action on any particular stock chart.
JNUG, D Long
6 67
JNUG is looking rather yummy lately and I'm getting ready to take a nibble :) Miners - GDX/GDXJ - were trading way above their 200DMA and were in dire need of a correction. That correction is now very much underway and Gold could print a DCL any day now. Notice how JNUG is flirting with the 50 DMA and possibly the 62%Fib Retracement where you'll find strong support. These are levels to watch in the next coming days.

Trade at your own risk..! JNUG is a 3X Leveraged ETF
JACK, D Short
2 41
JACK offers a terrific short setup against a low volume resistance level, and two historical key earning levels.
The spread with CMG makes it a great candidate for a pair trade, aiming to capture the profit from both the JACK short, and the CMG long. CMG has to rally to catch up to JACK, and JACK is overextended and will revert back to the mean.
You can size each leg with 3 times the daily ATR as risk, or use a more technical stop loss derived from price action (I won't detail that in this publication though). We are in this trade, it's one of the trades I shared with my clients this week, among others.

Check out my updated track record here:

If interested in my real time whatsapp alerts and swing trading newsletter, or in personal tuition, contact me privately. I'm offering a considerable discount on a packaged course which includes access to my private trading signals list for a year.


Ivan Labrie

Link to Tim West's chatroom:
We discuss setups like this often there. Feel free to stop by and subscribe to his indicator pack. If you have any questions ask.

Risk disclaimer: My analysis is provided as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. I will not accept liability for any loss or damage including, without limitation, to any loss of profit which may arise directly or indirectly from use of or reliance on such information.
AAPL, D Long
2 103
Apple earnings to be released after market today


1. 1.39EPS and $42.31bn Revenue

- I personally have been an Apple bull for some time - I believe the bar for apple has been set low, with EPS 25% lower than last year and Revenue target also 15% lower than last year - I think this is achievable as Iphone SE sales will be included in the income statement for the first time this quarter which should help beat the low 42.34bn target.


1. Obviously, if Apple misses these expectations i see downside to $89-90 immediately happening - nonetheless I think this opens up a valuable buying opp and I will be buying any 89-90 (or lower) lows, once the earnings hit/ miss flows are over as i believe apple is very cheap on a multiple basis some 10x.

Trading Strategy:

1. On an earnings beat I think because AAPL price has been depressed for so long (30% for 6m+), APPL will see significant topside e.g. to $111 so you should BUY AAPL at market and hold past the 101 breakout for 110tp.

2. Equally, if AAPL misses, we should clear existing risk at $95 and reenter APPL at the MISS bottom which should be $89, or perhaps less.

- I like owning Apple as it is one of the least leveraged companies, with over 250bn in cash & marketable securities (highly liquid) and generates 40-60bn dollars in bottom line profit, with 200bn revenue - thus it is one of the most profitable companies. With this cash, Apple in the future (under new leadership) can regain its prowess and make new highs e.g. 140-160 within the next 12-18m - before if they actually invest in M/A or some heavy R/D - poor leadership by Tim Cook is to blame for APPL's stagnant performance imo - they should have purchased Yahoo to compete with Google ad rev, Twitter to compete with FB and Netflix to grow their Apple TV business - all of which would have worked due to Apples massive worldwide brand and i believe such acquisitions can be made in the future thus I value owning Apple.

Any questions let me know.
SEDG, D Long
3 21
If you have this stock $SEDG NASDAQ:SEDG

Stock screener protocol is good except the earnings date falls on 2nd August. Take care of it...
Chart is looking good. Buying low as it bounce on TREND LINE. And in next few days, possible cross over of green on red and white MAs. See the chart NASDAQ:SEDG
Aug 16 18.00 call is 1.60 which is 8.5% (unassigned return) and 4.4% (assigned return)

Be Awesome
Unconventional Intelligence

Risk: Enter at your own Risk. Investment mindset differs from person to person. Method may not be suitable for your investment objectives.

Disclaimer: I don't provide investment advice, I'm entering the market with my own account.I don't try to accurate in entry, because most of the time I or my client own this stock, so we only look approximate change in trend. It is not necessary you have to do the same.
DOWI, D Neutral
0 36
USD/JPY spiked after Abe’s landslide victory on July 11 triggered speculations the government would announce a fiscal stimulus package to weaken Yen (support economy, combat deflation). Post Brexit drop in USD/JPY also triggered speculation the Bank of Japan (BOJ) would cut rates further into negative territory/expand QE.

The ‘reflation’ trade as called by TradeSignaller analyst on our Finance show - pushed up US stocks to record highs.

Reflation trade – borrow in Yen and invest in US stocks – has been noted on numerous occasions in history. Moreover, the rise in US stocks since late 2012 has been fueled by Yen drop.

We can notice on the chart above – the correlation coefficient between Dow and USD/JPY strengthened post July 11.

This makes us wonder if the drop in the USD/JPY seen today could pull Dow Jones lower with itself. Also note that USD/JPY could fall sharply if BOJ/Japanese government falls short of market expectations. In such a case, Dow Jones faces risk of a sell-off.
GG, D Long
0 21
Hi traders,

On this daily chart I am looking for an entry at the previous structure, 38.2% Fibonacci retracement, 61.8% Fibonacci retracement and the red trendline. Stop goes below this all, including some breathing room. Target is based on the gap that was formed a few days ago combined with the structure at that area.
Entry: $ 17.90
Stop: $ 17.23
Target: $ 18.95 = R:RR 1.57

Updates will follow! Good luck.
VALE5, D Long
0 16
Since 06/01/2016 VALE5 has enraged in a rally that built up more than 20% of the stock price, alligned with the results of IBOV (> +16%). This excelent result was made by a huge entrance of foreign capital in the Brazilian market, propiciated by the maintenance of low interest rates worldwide.

What we see in the graphs of VALE5 are signs of accendent confidence in the market, with four consecutive Botton-Top moviments, all of wich with price grow and tryng the mark near $13.60. This mark was finally beat up in 07/12/2016, and tried again in 07/20/2016.

My bet is that in the next few days we'll see the market trying the price of $14.35, before a price correction that will move the prices near the mark of $13.60 again.
YHOO, D Long
0 10
Yahoo has pulled back to support line. I am still long.
FTSE, D Short
0 24
Failing to break previous highs in August, short.
CMG, 240 Neutral
0 11
Neutral strategy for the rest of the week
BAL, M Neutral
0 5
Commercials heavy short, sentiment at extreme optimism
NEM, W Neutral
0 5
NEM is one of the darlings of gold mining stocks, it has seen a phenomenal run-up, but I expect a retracement soon. Tighten stops if you are long, new would-be buyers should wait for a better entry.
DNOW, D Long
0 3
AAPL, D Neutral
0 36
Expect new trend after earnings report , Either above 99 or below 93 post earnings. Good luck everyone
GILD, 240 Long
0 33
AAPL, 240 Long
0 31
Current price level around $96 could be the next best entry since $92 low to go long. Ride it up to $108-$109.

My trades are based on Sudden Upswing Pre-Alert System™
==> Created uniquely by SureFire Trader
==> Uses very own Tilted Libra-Scale™ wave pattern recognition method combined with advanced algorithms to discover price breakouts.
AAPL, D Short
0 30
Considering current fundamental predictions and technical side of price movement,
we agree that during next several weeks we will see diminishing price of Apple stocks.

Sell now at current price (97.00-97.37)
Stop-loss 101.00 (high of current fracal)
Target-price 85.00
Risk/return ratio 1:2