Gann Planetary Lines

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Gann Planetary Lines is one of the most powerful Gann Tools that converts planetary longitude angles into price. This script can be used in many different ways, methods, and trading systems.
This Script allows you to Plot Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. While also allowing you to select the planetary line mode "Heliocentric" or "Geocentric"
One more important feature about this script. It also allows you to plot in the harmonics of these planetary lines : "Wheel of 24" ,"Semi-Sextile", "Semi-Square", "Sextile", "Quintile", "Square", "Trine", and "Opposition "
And of course you will be able to select the color of each one of the planets when it comes to styling.
One more important thing to mention, Yes you will be able to select the $/° value so you can square these lines perfectly in your chart!

█ Future Plans and upgrades to this script may include :
1. Further lines into the futures .
2. An option to Enable and Disable the 0° vertical line when the planet transition from 360° to 0°
3. Labels around the planetary lines to distinguish between them not only by color by text as well.
And more! Feel free to contact me with any feature that you would like to see in this script

█ How to use :
First of all, select the appropriate $/° value.
Then select the planet you would like to use from the list in the script's option.
Select the mode of the planet, "Heliocentric" or "Geocentric"
Make sure to enable the planet by clicking on the check mark.
Then you will be able to see these planets on your chart.
Additionally, I have included an option to add the harmonics to your planetary lines!
Simply select the harmonics that you would like to have and give it 10 seconds and it should be in your chart.

This script is coded as an addon to the Gann ToolBox package/scripts.
Release Notes:
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( April 15, 2021 )
1. Fixing the tooltip at the vertical offset field.
2. Making the code a little lighter by eliminating the 360° line. - I will be publishing a script that only plots the 360° lines -
3. Re-organizing the code to eliminate a few issues and make it even more lighter.

Summery : Fixing some immediate issues in the script. This script is heavy and processes a lot of data, this can result in a failure to draw the planetary lines sometime. This upgrade is meant to help with reducing the amount of code and calculations required.
If you are still experiencing heaviness in the script, rest assure that more upgrades are coming to address this issue. As a temporary tip to work around it, the more you are zoomed-in in the daily chart the less data TradingView has to proccess thus it's less likely for the script to malfunction. Something else that I found working, you can deactivate your selected option and choose it again. Give TradingView a few seconds to proccess the data before zooming out or in.
Release Notes:
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( May 9, 2021 )
1. Higher precision planetary lines.
2. Bug fixes

Summery : A few modification to the code to eliminate unnecessary functions was made. I also increased the precision to allow for low time frame charting. Now you can zoom in to whatever time frame you need and the planetary position would be as accurate as can be. You can figure out when any planet touches zero degrees at that exact minute/second. The accuracy increased from a daily accuracy to a one minute accuracy.
Release Notes:
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( July 13, 2021 )
1. Bug fixes
2. Reverse Lines option ( downward planetary lines )
3. The Moon is added to the list of planets.
4. Enhanced algorithm for a better loading/processing time.

Summery : the GPLs V1.20 brings the moon to the list of the planets, as well as the downward planetary lines - so no need to play with the vertical offset or $/degree to get these lines - just click on "Reverse" in the settings and it should work. In addition, I worked on some code improvements to get the script loading/processing a bit faster than before. There is still room for improvements when it comes to this script and I will be working on it.
Release Notes:
V1.2 - V1.3
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( October 08, 2021 )
1. Migration to Pine V5
2. Bug fixes
3. Enhanced performance

Summery : This upgrade is mainly made to address the performance issue. Now the GPLs is about 30% faster which allows you to do more with it. No matter the time frame you're on. You should see way less issue during data processing, and encounter less -or none- loading issues or any all time frames. With this in mind, we also fixed a known bug with the vertical offset and future data. Migration to Pine V5 is also made to keep up with the new features that the programming language offers.
Release Notes:
We detected a bug and we are investigating its issue. A temporary solution would be to downgrade and go back to pine v4 ( july 10th version )
which is functional and working great.
Release Notes:
v1.3 - v1.31
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( January 19, 2022 )
1. Bug Fix : Back to Pine v5
2. Line thickness,
3. Enhanced algorithm for a slightly faster processing.

Summery : We fixed the bug that effected our scripts after the migration to pine v5 and now everything is back into order, we also added a line thickness feature to the script.
Release Notes:
v1.31 - v1.4
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( August 29, 2022 )
1. UI Improvements
2. Future Data improvements and extension
3. Status Bar info delete for a cleaner look
4. Addition of Sun Lines
5. Harmonics upgrades ( complete levels, and layer select )
6. Algorithm improvement ( faster processing )

Summery : Most of this upgrade is backend related, but the user would notice a few changes to the UI, speed of the script and the amount of future data available. Harmonics display all levels on one layer which is why we gave you an option to raise it or lower it to place the harmonics exactly where you want them to be.
Release Notes:
v1.4 - v1.41
█ UPDATE/UPGRADE : ( September 2, 2022 )
1. Bug fix
2. Ability to enable the harmonics alone without the actual lines.

Summery : To fix the current bug that's on all non 24/7 markets, we made that feature available by click. and optimized the code to run a tiny bit better. The ability to enable the harmonics alone is great, especially if you're planning on replicating your GPLs to view multiple things at once!

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