MTF candles by yatrader2

Get higher time frame candles overlaid on a lower timeframe chart.

Add 1H candles on 1M or 1D on 30M

Overlaid candles feature wicks and multiple display options to customize appearance.

Add the indicator multiple times to get MTF (multiple time frames) all on one chart.

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There is something buggy with the minute time frame and only painting half of the candle, have to hide and reshow the indicator to make it work properly. Any chance of a bug fix? Thanks!
Hi, thanks so much. Could you add an option to show the whole width of candle like mt4.
doesn't plot the candle lines properly, why so many broken indicators? worse than mt4
thank you sir, this is helpful
instead of overlay on existing candles
how can i have current high time frame (HTF)candle formation & previous one candle displayed in extreme right so current smaller timeframe & higher time frame candle are not overlayed but seperate on same screen
thanks, what i was looking for!
Does the indicator repaint?
fiboracle VasuChhabra
@VasuChhabra, of course it does, but you want that, lol!
Please include the 6H candles option. Thank you!
yatrader2 gmcroman
@gmcroman, I'm using the session list TV provides in the UI, but you can change line 20 to be:
res = "6H"
to remove the option and get 6H candles
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