3B-Play Finder

1 - Objective
2 - How to use (Theory)
3 - How to use (Grade System)
4 - Inputs
5 - Extras and Alerts
6 - Notes

This script aims to mark 3 Bar play patterns (both short and long) by identifying them on the chart, with an arrow pointing up from long and down for short. Aswell, setting alerts based on grade.
Following the base concept, this script comes with a "grade" system (A, B, C), which aims to classify 3B-Play according to input parameters.

2 - How to use (Theory)
The pattern is described by a wide range Ignite bar followed by a narrow resting bar.
  • Long
Given a 3 Bar play pattern, with a wide range green bar, the entry point should be above the ignite and narrow bar wicks (high) with stop loss set below the resting bar wick low but within ignite wide range bar.
The exit depends on the chart analysis, and there is no set rule for it.

  • Short
Similar to long but is with a wide range red bar and entry is defined on wick low and stop-loss at wick high.

3 - How to use (Grade System)
Since 3B-play come in all sort of shapes, some are "textbook" perfect, others a bit more "loose". I set a grading system, to differentiate each one.
The way the 3 Bar play quality is determined is based on the percentage size of the resting bar in relation to igniting bar size, starting from de close. An example of how this works is the following. Note: enabling the extra draws lines helps visually to adjust the grades to your preference.

4 - Inputs
3B Quality section
  • Enable/disable each grade.
  • Set the percentage values for each grade.
  • Enable/Disable extra plots.

5 - Extras and Alerts
This script comes with an extra section, enabling it, draws lines on the max and min values, as well, showing the values in text and the set percentage.
Also, you can set alerts based on the grade and short/long, note you should set the alert to bar close to avoid pre-trigger warnings.

6 - Notes
The script can be shorted a lot, by only looking for a single 3 bar play, to less than 30 lines.
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