Mancini Levels

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Another level parsing indicator.

Add your list of support and resistance levels as inputs in a comma-delimited list, including ranges e.g. <price>-<price>, with an optional (major) to signify a major level.

Format is <level> <(major)>"," <level> <(major)>,<...n> for both support and resistance, with optional "major" designation after each numeric level, comma-separated
Release Notes:
Ranges now shaded differently for major ranges vs. not
Release Notes:
tweak range colors:
green: major support
olive: minor support
maroon: minor resistance
red: major resistance
Release Notes:
Tuned Colors and transparencies:
Major Resistance: Crimson (80)
Minor Resistance: Red (90)
Minor Support: Olive (90)
Major Support Green (80)
Release Notes:
Update to fix "Error on bar 0: In 'array.get()' function. Index 0 is out of bounds, array size is 0" error. This happened when you provide input that doesn't have any ranges. I never saw it because I always enter input with ranges...made a quick fix to check that there are ranges before trying to draw them.
Release Notes:
Added an input for Line Width, increase to 2 or 3 to thicken up the levels if you prefer wider lines.
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