Trendespresso Price Alert

• v1.1
• Price Alert

Simply apply to any chart, generate the Alert, then delete the indicator!
Every time a candle closes on the original chart the indicator will fire off an Alert.

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// T R O N
USDTether ( TRC-20; minimum $5 ) : TWsT8xvU5x1jXZj9nWr8rt4kmZ6XprQ11r
USDCoin   ( TRC-20; minimum $5 ) : TWsT8xvU5x1jXZj9nWr8rt4kmZ6XprQ11r
// E V M
USDC ( ERC-20 ) : 0x690f1764Ccc35326E2F2354e500c9D29dF9F9869
ETH  : 0x690f1764Ccc35326E2F2354e500c9D29dF9F9869
AVAX : 0x690f1764Ccc35326E2F2354e500c9D29dF9F9869
// B I T C O I N
BTC (Native SegWit) : bc1qh44zwvg0danhlj9urm5v96sdnc77n8wdwk7nal

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