High Low Differential Meter

Yet another trend follower that is based on a very simple principle: Take the highest high and lowest low from a user defined bars back period, do an average between them and smooth them up with 3 possible moving averages, VIDYA , EMA and SMA , while VIDYA is the default.
What is VIDYA ?
Variable Index Dynamic Average ( VIDYA ) is similar to the Exponential Moving Average ( EMA ), but automatically adjusts the smoothing weight based on price volatility .

How to use:
GREEN : Up trending
LIGHT GREEN : Up trend reversal might occur.
RED : Down trending
LIGHT RED : Down trend reversal might occur.

NOTE: BAR COLORS are set to TRUE by default!

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hey why is that sometimes when chandlestick close above the line the indicator show red line?
dman103 verosbeb
@verosbeb, Hey ,Privately send me a screenshot showing this.
Thank you very much