Aroon and ASH strategy - ETHERIUM [IkkeOmar]

This post introduces a Pine Script strategy, as an example if anyone needs a push to get started. This example is a strategy on ETH, obviously it isn't a good strategy, and I wouldn't share my own good strategies because of alpha decay. This strategy combines two technical indicators: Aroon and Absolute Strength Histogram (ASH).

The strategy employs the Aroon indicator alongside the Absolute Strength Histogram (ASH) to determine market trends and potential trade setups. Aroon helps identify the strength and direction of a trend, while ASH provides insights into the strength of momentum. By combining these indicators, the strategy aims to capture profitable trading opportunities in Ethereum markets. Normally when developing strats using indicators, you want to find some good indicators, but you NEED to understand their strengths and weaknesses, other indicators can be incorporated to minimize the downs of another indicator. Try to look for synergy in your indicators!

Indicator settings:

Aroon Indicator:
- Two sets of parameters are used for the Aroon indicator:
- For Long Positions: Aroon periods are set to 56 (upper) and 20 (lower).
- For Short Positions: Aroon periods are set to 17 (upper) and 55 (lower).

Absolute Strength Histogram (ASH):
ASH is calculated with a length of 9 bars using the closing price as the data source.

Trading Conditions:
The strategy incorporates specific conditions to initiate and exit trades:

Start Date:
Traders can specify the start date for backtesting purposes.

Trade Direction:
Traders can select the desired trade direction: Long, Short, or Both.

Entry and Exit Conditions:
1. Long Position Entry: A long position is initiated when the Aroon indicator crosses over (crossover) the lower Aroon threshold, indicating a potential uptrend.
2. Long Position Exit: A long position is closed when the Aroon indicator crosses under (crossunder) the lower Aroon threshold.
3. Short Position Entry: A short position is initiated when the Aroon indicator crosses under (crossunder) the upper Aroon threshold, signaling a potential downtrend.
4. Short Position Exit: A short position is closed when the Aroon indicator crosses over (crossover) the upper Aroon threshold.

THIS ISN'T AN OPTIMAL STRATEGY AT ALL! It was just an old project from when I started learning pine script!
The backtest doesn't promise the same results in the future, always do both in-sample and out-of-sample testing when backtesting a strategy. And make sure you forward test it as well before implementing it!

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