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Internal Ranges Analysis - IRA - Beta

Internal Ranges Analysis - IRA - Beta is a cutting-edge technical analysis tool designed to enhance your trading prowess. This beta version introduces three vital concepts: "Liquidity Sweep", "Single Candle Mitigation Entry", and "Single Candle Order Block Entry". These concepts provide traders with a nuanced perspective on price action dynamics and opportunities for entry into the market.

Chapter 1: Understanding Liquidity Sweep

1.1 Liquidity Sweep Defined
- Liquidity Sweep occurs when the market price reacts after taking out a historical pivot. This phenomenon often signifies a swift move designed to clear resting buy or sell orders in the market. IRA - Beta excels at identifying and visualizing Liquidity Sweep events, allowing traders to capitalize on them.

Chapter 2: Single Candle Mitigation Entry

2.1 Introduction to Single Candle Mitigation Entry
- Single Candle Mitigation (SCM) Entry is a strategic approach employed when price action takes out the high or low of the preceding candle. This entry method is designed to capitalize on potential reversals or shifts in market sentiment. IRA - Beta offers effective tools to identify and act upon Single Candle Mitigation opportunities.

2.2 Single Candle Order Block Entry
- Traders can also explore the concept of Single Candle Order Blocks, where specific price levels act as potential entry points. This feature is integrated into IRA - Beta, providing traders with additional options for making well-informed entry decisions.

Chapter 3: Real-World Examples
Trading with internal structures needs to be done carefully with multiple confluences, like current market bias or LTF confirmations.
Here is an example on using liquidities concept and break of SCOB as confluences to enter a trade:

Internal Ranges Analysis - IRA - Beta is a valuable asset for traders seeking to gain an edge in today's dynamic markets. By focusing on concepts like Liquidity Sweep, Single Candle Mitigation Entry, and Single Candle Order Block Entry, this tool equips traders with the knowledge and tools needed to make informed entry decisions. Whether you're a seasoned trader or just starting your journey, IRA - Beta can help you navigate through the complexities of price action and make more informed trading choices.

This document serves as a comprehensive guide to Internal Ranges Analysis - IRA - Beta, highlighting its significance in understanding market dynamics and leveraging key trading concepts. Incorporating these principles into your trading strategies can lead to improved decision-making and potentially more profitable outcomes.
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Minor bug fixed

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