Rsi/W%R/Stoch/Mfi: HTF overlay mini-plots

Overlay mini-plots for various indicators. Shows current timeframe; and option to plot 2x higher timeframes (i.e. 15min and 60min on the 5min chart above).
The idea is to de-clutter chart when you just want real-time snippets for an indicator.
Useful for gauging overbought/oversold, across timeframes, at a glance.

~RSI: Relative strength index
~W%R: Williams percent range
~MFI: Money flow index

~indicator length (NB default is set to 12, NOT the standard 14)
~choose 2x HTFs, show/hide HTF plots
~choose number of bars to show (current timeframe only; HTF plots show only 6 bars)
~horizontal position: offset (bars); shift plots right or left. Can be negative
~vertical position: top/middle/bottom
~other formatting options (color, line thickness, show/hide labels, 70/30 lines, 80/20 lines)

~should be relatively easy to add further indicators, so long as they are 0-100 based; by editing lines 9 and 11
~change the vertical compression of the plots by playing around with the numbers (+100, -400, etc) in lines 24 and 25
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