Wick Reversal Indicator - Aligned with "Secrets of a Pivot Boss"

The Wick Reversal Indicator is a powerful technical tool developed in accordance with the pseudocode outlined in the book "Secrets of a Pivot Boss" by Franklin O. Ochoa, Jr. This indicator assists traders in identifying potential market reversal points with enhanced precision.

By closely following the principles discussed in the book, the Wick Reversal Indicator evaluates key factors such as candlestick body size, wick length, and the relationship between close and open prices. It provides clear bullish and bearish reversal signals, visualized through triangular markers on the price chart.

Traders can fine-tune the sensitivity of the indicator by adjusting the Wick Multiplier and Body Percentage parameters to match their trading preferences and timeframes. This customization feature ensures adaptability to different market conditions and trading strategies.

With the Wick Reversal Indicator, traders gain an automated and objective tool for identifying potential market reversals, backed by the time-tested methodology presented in "Secrets of a Pivot Boss." It serves as a valuable addition to traders' analysis, aiding in informed decision-making and enhancing trading outcomes.
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