Cosine, In-Phase & Quadrature IFM [Ehlers]

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Yet another method for determining the cycle of a market: this time, you have access to the two fastest and most accurate methods
as well as the option to average these methods together.

The controls are pretty straight forward:

Source lets you select the price data to perform calculations on (close, open, etc..)

Max Period is simply the cap for the algorithm when it's checking the validity of Periods.
-> If you notice your plots have a flat top, then increase this value to accept a wider range of Periods.
-> This setting has a min. value of 8 to reduce noise and a max of 100 to ignore waves from higher time frames.

Average? simply averages the two methods of calculation.
-> You may want to do this if you notice the two plots diverging a lot.
-> Cosine IFM tends to favor shorter periods; I-Q IFM tends to favor longer.

- DasanC
Release Notes:
Updated the preview image.
Release Notes:
Updated to make the code modular.
Now you're able to copy & paste the function into any script to add a method for adaptive period setting.
Simply call:
to get the period.

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