TA Presets - BB-20-1-LB

This is a near identical drop-in replacement for the 3commas TA Presets - BB-20-1-LB signal. Since you can not get this signal unless you are using Binance.com, I needed to produce my own for use with other exchanges. You are free to use this strategy yourself. It will always remain publicly available for free as there are no special tricks here, just your basic Bollinger Band strategy.

Known Issues and Limitations:
  • Trailing take profits are currently not supported for back testing -- You can still use them on a bot that uses this signal to trigger deal starts, just don't expect the performance of the bot to be the same as what's in the backtest if you do.
  • Only simple bots supported (no composite bot support yet)

The options in the configuration screen are the same as they would be on the bot configuration screen. You can use the back testing screen to get a general idea of how the bot should perform on a given coin pair. Once you have the settings how you want, set the "Bot ID" and "Email Token" fields. to match those used in the deal start message for your bot. Do not include quotes around either of them. Your bot ID should just be a string of numbers and your email token will be a string of letters and numbers separated by hyphens. Once you enter these in to the settings, you can create your alert. Select "BB-20-1-LB" from the dropdown on the alert screen and type {{strategy.order.alert_message}} in the text box (NOTHING ELSE, NO QUOTES, NOTHING). That's it, the script will generate the rest of the deal start message for you automatically.

Important Notes
This may go without saying but make sure that you are using the chart for your exchange when setting this up to control a bot. While it may look like prices are the same across the different exchanges, subtle differences in volatility and trading volume WILL make a difference and your bot WILL NOT perform as shown on the back test.
Release Notes: Added support for BB-20-2-LB in addition to BB-20-1-LB
Release Notes: Bugfix
Thank you to user vinny_crypto1 for pointing out that there was an order size inconsistency bug. This bug caused the initial buy order to be placed in dollar units (or whatever was specified in the "Properties" tab for the strategy configuration and for subsequent safety orders to be placed in contract units. I am currently investigating a way to set both order sizes in dollar value but until then, all order sizes are represented in terms of contract units for consistency.

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