MO ADVANCED STOCHASTIC is a custom stochastic oscillator that use the reverse stochastic calculations for 4 different timeframes and display data in a table for helping users to see what would be the price of the traded aset for a custom level of the stochastic indicator, levels displayed are 0, 20, 50, 80 and 100.

The indicator comes with default settings 14 lenghth and 3 smoth of K, but default calculations of the stochastic levels are made for no smooth of stochastic( k= 1). Users can change and adjust the smoth k as they like, from 1 to the value they desire to use.

There indicator display 11 moving averages of stochastic 1,3, 5,10,15, 20, 25, 30 ,35, 55, 144 color coded, this moving averages can be disabled from style section of the indicator or change the colors and transparency.

The main k and d line are filled with trend color to help users to identify fast current trend.

In the table from oscillator are displayed the price for stochastic to get to levels from 0 to 100 for current timeframe on the first row, 1h on the second row, 4h on the third row and daily on the last row, users can change the last 3 timeframes from dashboard.

Also for trend identification rsi is displayed and k + d lines of stochastic, with arrows and color codded for bullish or bearish moves.

The indicator has 6 built-in alarms for k-d line crosses, and k line cross above middle, 80, 20 levels.


In the next image you can see at 15 min chart on SP500 we have a stochastic cross between k and d line than stochastic amoving up above 20 level and also crossing above other stoch moving averages, also rsi show a bullish move so we can open a new long when price crossed above the 20 line 5206 with a stop loss below the 0 line of stochastic and a minimum risk to reward of 1.5 times or target as first take profit the 50 line of stochastic and second target the 80 line. As you can see in the following image this would be a winning trade. The indicator can be used togheter with macd and rsi for perfect entry exit from trades.

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