CryptoPeep Trade Signals (6 In 1)

I am always looking at different indicators, and wanted a quick way to check my favorite 6 indicators in one for a quick check on crypto trades.

This script includes the following, in order from top to bottom.
1). RSI
2). Bollinger Bands
3). Stochastic RSI
4). Stochastic Only
5). MACD
6). Weighted Moving Avg .

If the indicator show a buy/oversold that corresponding line will go green and red if overbought. if undecided with be a white circle.
If there are 4 showing the same the background will change to match.

Hope it helps, please tel me know your thoughts.

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Release Notes: Ok also added
Williams R%
Money Flow
and break Out

You can now choose how many of each will trigger the buy or sell and I have added a buy or sell arrow which then could be used for an alert.
I can not change the name to 9 in 1 now its posted.

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