MACD Profit Candles

This tool is simple yet very effective. It creates new candles on the chart based on the MACD .

Candles are green when MACD is increasing and red when it is decreasing. All lengths can be adjusted in the input menu and there is an option to plot the signal line.

The rules for using it are pretty simple:

1.Buy on Green

2.Sell on red

~Happy Trading~
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Any way to set alerts when bars turns green?
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jtown WoodLandSprite
@WoodLandSprite, what do you mean by repaint?
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Thanks!!!! Weekly chart paired with heikin-ashi candles. thank me later.
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The candles are hard to see when they get smaller. Do you think a bar color or background color feature would be able to make the candles easier to visualize
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If you can add a signal line to the candles, it might help .... Thanks