[RS]Price Divergence Detector V2

UPDATE: added CCI to the list of oscilators.
Release Notes: Update code to pinescript version3. Added filtering options, divergences that are within parameters will be marked with a F label, price change is a absolute value.
Release Notes: fixed some erroneous calculations on how the divergences were detected and filtered.
Release Notes: • Added RSI Stochastic.
• Adjusted some inputs.
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Great work Ricardo! I am using the RSI divergence using your tool on a 5-min chart, and have noticed that the signal appears after the 3rd candle. Is it possible to get the divergence signal at the time when the divergence takes place? Thanks again!
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Hi! Could you please describe what your script do and how it helps to trade?
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Sir is there any way to get this indicator for MT4...
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Looks great. Is there any way to add alerts at all? Would appreciate your help, thanks
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I am testing Divergence detector version 2. It seems indicator is not detecting all the divergence. In the image(path), please check the arrow mark. Is there any solution to fix this. I have given oscillator length as 7 and Method 0.

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RicardoSantos ramkirshnavarma
is the rsi using low as source on the oscillator?
ramkirshnavarma RicardoSantos
I have updated the source from CLOSE to LOW . Please see the image below. But still not showing. Is there any other setting to be fixed

HUGE contribution!! Thank you!!
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Thanks RicardoSantos
Its very nice. great work.
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Hi, Does it repaint?