Library "TradeTracker"
Simple Library for tracking trades

method track(this)
  tracks trade when called on every bar
  Namespace types: Trade
    this (Trade): Trade object
  Returns: current Trade object

  Has the constituents to track trades generated by any method.
    id (series int)
    direction (series int): Trade direction. Positive values for long and negative values for short trades
    initialEntry (series float): Initial entry price. This value will not change even if the entry is changed in the lifecycle of the trade
    entry (series float): Updated entry price. Allows variations to initial calculated entry. Useful in cases of trailing entry.
    initialStop (series float): Initial stop. Similar to initial entry, this is the first calculated stop for the lifecycle of trade.
    stop (series float): Trailing Stop. If there is no trailing, the value will be same as that of initial trade
    targets (float): array of target values.
    startBar (series int): bar index of starting bar. Set by default when object is created. No need to alter this after that.
    endBar (series int): bar index of last bar in trade. Set by tracker on each execution
    startTime (series int): time of the start bar. Set by default when object is created. No need to alter this after that.
    endTime (series int): time of the ending bar. Updated by tracking method.
    status (series int): Integer parameter to track the status of the trade
    retest (series bool): Boolean parameter to notify if there was retest of the entry price

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