unRekt - KISS Addie

KISS Addie is the ADX and DI+- indicator and is part of the 'keeping it simple' series. ADX is your Average Directional Index and DI is you Directional Movement Indicator.

ADX - Will show the strength of the trend regardless of direction.

00 - 10 : No trend
10 - 20 : Transitioning trend
20 - 40 : Trending
40 - 99 : Exhausted (Can also be considered a stronger trend the higher it goes, but look to exit position once it begins to downward slope and pay attention to DI spread)

DI - Will show the direction of movement. This indicator includes two views of the DI. the DI+ and DI- crossover and a histogram of the spread between the two.

Bullish : Green crosses over red.
Bearish : Red crosses over green.

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