Binary /Fx Fibonacci Bollinger Bands

Binary /Fx Fibonacci Bollinger Bands

Very Strong, Powerful Indicator that is great for Binary Options and Forex traders.

This System is fantastic allowing my students to achieve quick easy profits with minimal effort. I have been working on this kind of system for over 3 years and now think that it's time to spread the work a little and help others.

This System uses the same effect as the famous Bollinger Bands but also incorporates Fibonacci into it too. I found that this creates an extremely accurate entry and exit points. After years of testing, I have found nothing like it.

Plus its really easy to use! :

  • First, do not take any trades until the candles hit either the top or bottom band.
  • Then, depending on which band is hit will then determine the direction you take a trade.
  • If the candlesticks hit the Red Line Sell/Put.
  • If the candlesticks hit the Green Line Buy/Call.
  • An effective money management system is required in order to increase your success rate.

That is all, please let me know if you are interested in testing the system and if you have any questions, also, please share.

I hope to hear how you get on with my system and wish you all the best.

Thanks :)

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