MFI [seiglerj]

Money Flow Index with breach highlighting
based on LazyBear's MFI / RSI script
Release Notes: Improve colors to work better with a light theme
Fix indicator scaling with invisible lines at 0 and 100
Open-source script

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Sir salute to your indicator, i am not so great in coding my understanding and belief is that, this indicators includes ADX + RSI + Volume details.
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Is there a way to receive an ALERT in your software when the Indicator's time is "Leaving" the Green and the RED zones? Thanks Stephen.
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maxwellbade charts75
@charts75, use the drakdoo app. Pay for the whale subscription and you can alert on many indicators
Liubam charts75
@charts75, Yes you can, in Pine script v4 you can set alerts. A function that would be helpful is "crossover/crossunder".
Are you aware that today, the indicator is broken .... ? The setting panel closes automatically, and the "invisible" button doesn't work... the platform has serious issue.
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so red is resistance and green is support?
Hey seiglerj, i see you use timeframe 1h, is this the time you recommend for trading with this indicator?
seiglerj murat_waslan
@murat_waslan, I don't know jack squat about using indicators effectively, sorry
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maxwellbade seiglerj
@seiglerj, haha no worries dude. Thanks for putting this together.