Rsi with step color to get bearish and bullish momentum with bb


jas toor
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You posted this in the Trading Associates forum

there is one advance level method in same strategy so will update on docs in day or two.
that will help to enter very early and exit on very top for long

May I try this indicator?
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dilace txmade917
@txmade917, you can link for read this docs? thanks! :)
dilace dilace
it is not necessary, I will see it there, sorry :)
Can I have a trial access? Thank you
jastoor mesmk001
@mesmk001, free done
Looking good. Can I try this? Also in U1M
jastoor Cryte
@Cryte, done
nice work!, i go to test
Looks great Guneet, i would love to give it a try. Lets see if we can get Rocket out of a job ;) Pls can me access to ur script. Regards EvilGemini (Trading Associates/Until1mil)
Hey, this looks cool! I'm in U1M, may I try this please?