Bitfinex Long/Short Delta (Longs - Shorts)

Bitfinex Long/Short Delta (Longs - Shorts)

Longs = Green
Shorts = Red
Delta = Yellow
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Nice indicator @Jerry_4222 ! I was thinking about something similar for other exchanges, this has given me great insight, thanks!
By way I'm new to pinescript, do you know if there's a way that I can take traded volume by position (long vs short) and display it too?
@Unipin, Unfortunately, Bitfinex is the only exchange that has Long/Short data on Tradingview. If its something you really want, id say take a took at TradingLite as they have more data on orderbook/open value/open interest and long/short data.
Unipin Jerry_4222
@Jerry_4222, Thanks a lot for the insight! I had no idea about it. I'll look into TradingLite, have a great day!