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Inspired by © IldarAkhmetgaleev (AkhIL) - "Poor man's volume profile" - "PMVolProf"
He did a fantastic job on "Volume Profile"!

My script is about making this with array's

- period (last x bars) for calculation
- max width (visible horizontal range)
- amount of sections (vertical sections; to many sections can give an error -> lower the sections in that case)

Setting "high/low", "close":
- "high/low"
-> the volume of every bar (in the period) which low is lower than a particular section and which high is higher than that section is added to that section
- "close"
-> here the volume of every bar (in the period) which close closes in the range of a particular section is added to that section

The orange /blue coloured "Volume lines" are the highest/lowest values above and below present close
(can be used as Support/resistance )

"Only show max/min" shows only the orange /blue Volume lines

The period and highest/lowest is show by 2 thin blue lines

Color, line width is adjustable

Release Notes:
Changed colour logic:
Now you can compare each section with #sections above/below for the max/min
(min 1 and max 5 sections above/below to compare with)
"compare # sections above/below for max/min" = 1:

"compare # sections above/below for max/min" = 3:

"compare # sections above/below for max/min" = 5:

Also added vertical line where the bar calculations start

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