Multi Time Frame RSI Panel


The "Multi Time Frame RSI Panel" indicator is a powerful tool designed to help traders analyze the Relative Strength Index (RSI) across multiple timeframes simultaneously. While the core logic of this indicator is proprietary, this description aims to provide traders with an understanding of its functionality and utility.

Key Features:

Multi-Timeframe Analysis: This indicator displays RSI values for different timeframes, including 1 minute (1m), 5 minutes (5m), 15 minutes (15m), 30 minutes (30m), 1 hour (1h), 2 hours (2h), 4 hours (4h), and 1 day (1d). Traders can choose which timeframes to display on their chart based on their trading strategy.

Customizable Thresholds: Users can set upper and lower RSI thresholds for each timeframe, allowing for the identification of overbought and oversold conditions. The indicator highlights RSI values that breach these thresholds in green (for overbought) or red (for oversold), providing visual cues for potential trading opportunities.

How to Use:

1. Add the "Multi Time Frame RSI Panel" indicator to your TradingView chart.
2. Configure the settings by selecting the timeframes you want to monitor and setting your preferred RSI thresholds.
3. Monitor the RSI values for each selected timeframe in the panel located at the top right corner of your chart.
4. Look for potential trading signals based on RSI conditions, such as overbought or oversold levels, across different timeframes.
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