Volume Price Spread Analysis 2

With the same idea of the VPSA i make the VPSA2 to make Heiken Ashi style synthetic graph of the price and the volume effect, its easy to see the volume trends. Each instrument have a more clear time frame to see the volume patterns.

I see very useful like a secondary analysis layer. in the graph show the same RSI with price and VPSA2 like source.

Can use others indicators over the VPSA, only write in CAPITAL letters open, high, low, close or hl2 at inputs section.

Ideas, corrections & comments.
They are always welcome.
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study("Volume Spread Analysis3", shorttitle="VSA3")
//Volume Spread Analysis
//Analisis de propagacion en Volumen
// devicemxl --> TradingView Site

/// Values
volumex=log(volume)//*(close>close[1] ? 1 : -1)
V_OPEN  = V_OPEN[1] > 0.01 ? (V_CLOSE[1]+V_OPEN[1])*0.5 : ((close[1]*volumex)+(open[1]*volumex))*0.5
V_CLOSE = ( (close*volumex) + (high*volumex) + (low*volumex) + V_OPEN ) *0.25
V_HIGH = max(max(high*volumex,V_CLOSE),V_OPEN)
V_LOW   = min(min(low*volumex,V_OPEN),V_CLOSE)
V_HL2   = ( V_HIGH + V_LOW ) / 2
ploter = ( senial == "CLOSE" ) ? V_CLOSE : ( senial == "OPEN" ) ? V_OPEN : ( senial == "HL2" ) ? V_HL2 : ( senial == "HIGH" ) ? V_HIGH : ( senial == "LOW" ) ? V_LOW : 0
signal = plot(ploter, color=silver, style=circles)
plotcandle(V_OPEN, V_HIGH, V_LOW, V_CLOSE, title='VSA', color = V_OPEN < V_CLOSE ? #f8f2ec : #53402d, wickcolor=black)