Aggregated Rolling VWAP +

In_Finito_ Updated   
Edit of TradingView's original Rolling VWAP

Edit log:

  • Added Volume Aggregation Capabilities to the Script
    - Price Action is impacted by volume executed in all exchanges. Even though a single exchange RVWAP can be useful, using aggregated data makes it more accurate and saves time in symbol switching.
    - Aggregation is preset to be done for Bitcoin Spot Pairs. However this can be changed to Aggregate Volume from any other symbol at the bottom of the setup menu.

  • Added Symmetrical Deviations to the Script
    - Symmetrical deviations create range of "tolerance" around the RVWAP at a fixed % distance. This helps in situations when price does not respect the exact RVWAP level and goes slightly above/under.
    - Adding multiple Symmetrical Deviations at different percentage values can give relevant levels for scalping, entries and range trading.

  • Switched default option to manual TF instead of automatic TF

  • Added TF Presets for quick switching between different settings. (Feature intended for mobile charting)

  • Added ON/OFF Switch to all individual deviations to make it easier, faster and cleaner to display different data. (Feature intended for mobile charting)
Release Notes:
  • Switched Aggregation data from FTX to OKX and Bitstamp
Release Notes:

If you want to support the work:

BTC: bc1qvag25270s20gqyun9sndjnv7tnvx8jj5ay62n5
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