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This screener allows to screen multiple (up to 40) symbols for a condition defined by the user, including some other indicator plot values (not all of them) and their relation to other indicator plot values (data sources) or to absolute values defined in the condition.

It plots a label and adds the symbols and chart time frames to the label for those symbols that meet the screening condition. There are some examples further below.

The indicator / screener is designed to use other indicators as a data source, where possible.

On the label the symbols represent stock symbols. The numbers represent the chart time frame in which the condition was screened. (30) = 30 minutes, (120) = 120 minutes, (D) = 1 day, (3D) = 3 days, (W) = 1 week, and so forth.

- the indicators you want to use as source data need to be on the same chart as the screener, but not in the same pane.
- It will not work for all 3rd-party indicators.

The script provides the specific capabilities detailed below:

1. Data inputs:
- add up to 40 symbols to be screened
- check field for each symbol allow the user to enable/disable screening for each symbol individually
- ability to add up to two (2) external source data that can be compared to each other, where possible, by a logical operator or compared to an absolute value
- a check field to select whether the logical operation takes places between Source #1 and Source #2 or between Source # 1 and an absolute value.
- users can also define how far from the last bar the label is plotted on the chart

2. Operations available, whenever possible based on source data:
- "crossing"
- "cross up"
- "cross down"
- "rejected from resistance (Source #1) in the last bar", which means "High was above Source #1 (resistance level) in the last completed bar and 'close' (current price of the symbol) is now below Source #1" (resistance level).
- "rejected from resistance (Source #1) in the last 2 bars", which means "High was above Source #1 (resistance level) in one of the last two (2) completed bars and 'close' (current price of the symbol) is now below Source #1" (resistance level).
- "rejected from support (Source #1) in the last bar" --- similar to above except with Lows and rejection from support level
- "rejected from support (Source #1) in the last 2 bars" --- similar to above except with Lows and rejection from support level
- "greater than"
- "less than"
- "is up"
- "is down"
- "is up %"
- "is down %"

Screening examples could be:
- Source #1 "crossed up" Source #2
- Source #1 is "greater than" 20

3. Output:
a. Label
The label can be modified in terms of colors and position (how many bars away from the last bar)
b. Alerts
- Get alerted if one or more symbols meet the condition.
- To set up the alert visit the alerts setup screen in TV and select this screener.
Release Notes:
updated to include 40 symbols (had only 30 in the original)
Release Notes:
Added: no time frame information plotted if symbol field # is empty, even when selected.
Release Notes:
Fixed an error in the operator that would calculate "rejected from support (Source #1) in the last 2 bars".

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