Accumulated Put/Call Ratio V2

skiviz Updated   
This is an updated version of the Accumulated P/C Ratio. Some changes include:
- Pinescript privacy changed from protected to open.
- Utilizes the "request.security_lower_tf" function for weekly and monthly charts.
- Now acquires and sums raw put volume (ticker: PVOL) and call volume (ticker: CVOL) separately, then divides the aggregate put to aggregate call to get the P/C ratio, as opposed to the original version which directly sums the put call ratio (ticker: PCC). Mathematically this calculation makes more sense, but the major drawback of this change seems to be that PVOL and CVOL don't have as much historical data as PCC.

The way to interpret the indicator is the same as the original version - higher values are bullish while lower values are bearish. A solid (0 transparency) bar means that the value is beyond 3 standard deviations within a particular period.
Release Notes:
Update: Put volume data is now unavailable in TradingView, so put volume is estimated by (Put/Call Ratio)*(Call Volume) for SPX.
Release Notes:
Updated screenshot.
Release Notes:
Previously put volume was removed from Tradingview, but now it has been added back again. Newest code has thus been updated to request the put volume for SPX, ticker: PVSPX.
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