Blockunity Unyx Bands (BUB)

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This powerful trading indicator is accompanied by a strategy based on the momentum of an asset that aims to make trades over the medium term.

Usage Advice
This strategy can only be used on certain defined assets, for which we have adjusted its parameters to obtain optimized results. It is ideally used on a daily timeframe, but more compatibility will come. To see the list of available assets and time units, please refer to the changelog available on TradingView. It is recommended to use your chart in logarithmic scale.

The Different Elements And Signals
The main component is a derivative of the RSI. It measures the amplitude of the movements of the selected asset to evaluate if it is overbought or oversold. It is ranged from 0 to 100.

Around the RSI are Bollinger Bands indicating the overbought and oversold areas mentioned earlier. When the RSI re-enters the bands from above, the strategy will indicate a Short signal (sell – price down). When the RSI re-enters the bands from below, the strategy will indicate a Long signal (buy – price up).

In the background, the strategy also calculates a trend indicator, so that you always take a position in the same direction as the market trend.

Finally, we find the trading arrows/signals on the chart. They allow you to apply the strategy described above, by opening long and short positions, as well as closing these positions. The blue arrows indicate the opening of a Long (buy) position, while the red arrows indicate the opening of a Short (sell) position. The purple arrows indicate the closing of the positions. However, a Short signal that precedes a Long trade should also be interpreted as a signal to close the Long position. Conversely, a Long signal that precedes a Short trade should also be interpreted as a signal to close the Short position.
Release Notes:
- Added optimized parameters for ETH and BNB.

- Strategy can only be used on BTCUSDT, BTCUSD, ETHUSDT, ETHUSD, BNBUSDT and BNBUSD pairs (Further pairs will be added over time).

- Implementation of a Stop Loss feature. The User can decide if they want to use a Stop Loss or not. Desactivated by default. Range from 2% to 20%.

- Added alerts:
1. Click on the “Alert” tab on top of the window.
2. In the pop-up window, select the Strategy in “Condition” and select “alert() function calls only”.
3. Set an expiration date and an alert name (personalized).
4. In the “Notifications” tab, select in which way you want to be alerted.
5. If you want to add alerts on ETH and BNB, you will have to do these steps again.
6. To manage existing alerts, go on the right side and click the clock icon.
Release Notes:
Change of denomination in the tooltip from "Signal" to "Zone".
Release Notes:
Quick fix note:
- Alerts trigger was corrected to avoid double alerts (ex: sending a long alert when already in a long position).
Release Notes:
Update graph.
Release Notes:
  • Added compatible assets and 4h timeframe.
  • The complete list of compatible assets is now as follows: BTC, ETH, BNB, MATIC, ADA, ALGO, CHZ, DOT.
  • Addition of the "Trend Stop Loss" function. When enabled, it will close the current position if a trend change occurs, to avoid keeping an open position against the trend. This setting is enabled by default.
  • Change of some labels and tooltips.
Release Notes:
Added STX and GRT on pairs USD/USDT/BUSD on daily and 4 hour timeframes.
Added BUSD and USDC pairs to BTC.
Release Notes:
  • Improved tooltips.
  • Changed information in the table (Changed from Signal to Zone, added Position and Trend).
Release Notes:
  • Added option to take volume into consideration when triggering BUB signals, adding an additional security feature to avoid false signals. However, overall performance is reduced. Disabled by default.
  • New data table design. Moreover, it is now fully configurable.
  • A few other design adjustments.
Release Notes:
Addition of an alerting system. This alert can be activated by setting the condition "Blockunity Unyx Bands (BUB)" and selecting "Any alert() function call". The alerts sent are as follows:
  • Trading signals (Long, Short, Close, Stop Loss).

Other Updates:
  • Addition of an error message when the strategy is not compatible.
  • Code optimization.
Release Notes:
  • Integration of the option to activate only Longs or Shorts in the strategy from the indicator parameters.
Release Notes:
  • Added a language selector to switch between English and French.
  • Updated default backtest end date.

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Author's instructions

This strategy can only be used on certain defined assets, for which we have adjusted its parameters to obtain optimized results. You can find all the information about the Unyx Bands (BUB) here:

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