FXN - Asian Session Range

The Asian Session Range is an indicator that draws a box around the Asian session range which runs from 20.00 pm to 02.00 am EST. It then provides lines that extend into the London and New York sessions that identify the high, low and mid-range of the Asian session.

The indicator is designed to be used on the 15 minute timeframe, although it does work on any timeframe up to a from 1 minute to a 4 hour chart, after which the indicator does not make any sense. All settings from session times, line width, style and colors can be changed through the settings, with the default configuration being for the Asian session and the light-themed user interface of TradingView.
Release Notes: Resolved a couple of issues.

1. Support broker price feeds that were not based on Eastern Standard Time.

2. When switching to a new day, the Asian Range box and extended lines moved from the previous day to the current day a couple of hours too soon. This was only apparent if trading during the Asian Range.
Release Notes: Implemented New Features:

1. London Session Range Box (Can be turned off)
2. New York Session Range Box (Can be turned off)
3. Average Daily Range can now be displayed under the Asian Session Range (Can be turned off)
4. Cleaned up spelling and redundant style options with the indicator input screen
Release Notes: Fix Issues when cycling to a new day with the London and New York boxes.
Release Notes: New features introduced:

- Show Previous Day High Low Levels - Turned On by default (can be turned off in settings)
- Show Previous Week High Low Levels - Turned On by default (can be turned off in settings)
- Show Current Week High Low Levels - Turned Off by default (can be turned on in settings)
- Changing to Higher Time Frame (1 hour and above, not longer plots historical ranges, to remove clutter from the chart)
- Set default size of boxes to a thinner line (1 pixel) to create a more crisp user interface. Middle range line reduced to 2 pixels. (These can be changed from Settings)

Bug fixes:
- ADR not showing at the weekend
Release Notes: Have fixed issue when displaying in a 1 and 5 minute chart time resolution
Release Notes: Improvements and bug fixes.

1. Allow Asian Session to end on the same day as the start of the session eg. start time = 20.00 end time = 23.00 (Using EST)

2. Fix to previous levels

3. Change default ADR period to 3 weeks rather than 10 weeks. This can be over-written in the indicator settings on the input tab.
Release Notes: Display historical ranges on a 1 hour chart
Release Notes: Publish with appropriate screenshot.
Release Notes: Enable the indicator to work with a 3 minute chart type
Release Notes: Change of default settings for the London and New York session. London is now defaulted to 3am - 7am (EST), New York is 8am - 12 noon (EST).

These can still be changed to your preferred session times from the indicator settings.
Release Notes: Provide a fix to a problem that seems to be introduced by Trading View with displaying the range ADR and number of pips at the end of the range, rather than the middle.
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