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The Liquidation Lines Technical Indicator is a trading tool designed to assist traders in identifying potential liquidation levels. This indicator generates virtual positions, known as "liquidation lines", which mark the points at which these positions would be liquidated under specified conditions.

Key Features:

Quantity of Lines: The indicator can create up to 125 liquidation lines, evenly distributed between long and short positions. This limit is derived from a maximum of 500 lines, divided by four to account for two types of leverage (long and short).

Customizable Liquidation Levels: Users are given the ability to set liquidation levels according to their individual trading strategies and the current market conditions.

Customizable Visuals: The color and thickness of the liquidation lines can be adjusted to suit personal preferences, providing a clear visual representation on the trading chart for ease of analysis.

Selectable Signal Sources: The indicator provides the flexibility to choose the signal source for creating the liquidation lines. Users can select from a range of popular technical analysis tools such as Bollinger Bands, MACD crosses, EMA crosses, or SMA crosses. This feature allows traders to customize the formation of liquidation lines based on their preferred technical indicators, adding to the comprehensiveness and versatility of the tool.

Two selectable Leverages: The indicator accommodates both long and short leverages, offering a comprehensive understanding of potential liquidation points for various trading scenarios.

Selectable Exchange Maintenance: The indicator allows users to select their specific cryptocurrency exchange. This feature ensures that the liquidation lines are accurately calculated according to the maintenance margin requirements of the chosen exchange, adding precision and customization to the trading analysis.
Release Notes:
Multibit was added, so the x8 Processor can be selected as input to be able to build more advanced daisychain conditions.

Updated Tooltips and better sorting of the Parameters

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