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A value-packed or all-in-one indicator. The main one is probably the algorithmic signal. I have noticed a few trading groups that rely solely on their algo trading signals. I have derived my own using MACD . I find that it works better or just as good as what I have seen. The others indicators are also very powerful and could even be used on a stand alone basis. There are different variations included. I wanted to provide 10x the value at whatever price I would put on this. However I think I've provided at least 20x the expected value. What I like about this is that with more signals, we can visually see confluence. In turn, that should give us traders confidence. The follow is a list of all the indicators I've included so far:

How to use (for all indicators): I suggest using these trade signals as confluence for the main algorithmic trade signals. Aside from MACD and RSI , there are a limited number of signals, but they will all show up within the most recent bars that have passed. Buy when green/lime and sell when red/fuchsia. I suggest experimenting with the the different modes to see what you believe works best for your trading style.
I prefer to use the last signal provided, but I also like to rely on looking at signals as a group, if they are all rising, I'm bullish ; if they are all falling, I'm bearish .

Note on Color Scheme: Red/Fuchsia color means to short/sell and green/lime color means to long/buy.

- Algorithmic signal - provides trade signals. How to use: When there is a green arrow up, it means you should go long. When there is a red arrow down, it means you should exit your long or short sell. If the arrow is lime colored, it means the stock is trending upwards and if the arrow is fuchsia, it means the stock is trending downwards.

- Band and hit count - provides bands to track volatility , as well as tracks the number of times the price hits the upper or lower bands. It also provides candle-to-candle slope as a %. How to use: You can use this to play the odds in your favor. For example: if a stock hits the upper bands 13 times during the morning, and then hits the lower bands 4 times afterwards and then moves upwards away from the lower bands towards the middle of the bands, from here we may be able to say that since 13 is greater than 4, that the stock price may rise again and start hitting the upper bands. Another way I like to use this indicator, is if a stock hits the upper bands more than 16 to 20 times, I like to exit the trade before it has a chance to drop. Lastly, there are zones where a stock price will go above or below 100% or 0% respectively. For example, a stock starts to hit the 110% area of the bands. This could be an excellent time to sell/short the stock.

- Volume surge - provides signals of when volume is increasing/decreasing depending on the color and direction. How to use: Gives you confidence that the price will rise higher/lower.

- EMA 5 & 10 - It is the exponential moving average of the past 5 or 10 bars. It will be either be red or green depending on the slope. How to use: I like to use it as if it were a trend line (which I like to call slanted support/resistance ). For example, if I buy a stock and it falls below EMA 10 I will generally sell the stock, and if it rises past EMA 5 I will generally buy the stock.

- Background color - Background color shows whether the stock is bullish or bearish . If it is green/red, it is slightly bullish / bearish respectively. If it is lime/fuchsia, it is very bullish / bearish respectively. How to use: Take long positions if the background color is greenish(i.e. green/lime) and take short position if the background color is reddish (i.e.red/fuchsia). Please bear in mind, background color will look slightly different if you are already coloring the extended hour session backgrounds.

- Channel Breakout Lines - These lines show the rigid channel that the stock will travel through. How to use: Watch a stock that is in a channel, if it is going up, watch the red dotted line which extends into the future,
if it the stock falls below that previous red dotted line you should sell/short the stock. If a stock is going down, watch the green dotted line, and if the stock goes past the previous green dotted line, you should buy.

- MACD - Moving Average Convergence and Divergence provides trade signals. How to use: 1 turns it off. 2 provides the classic, buy and sell signals based on when the MACD line crosses over or under the signal line. 3 provides faster trade
signals. 4 provides the algorithmic signals. All variations can change according to Algo sensitivity and Algo Signal speed since the algo uses MACD as it's base.

- RSI - Relative Strength Index provides trade signals. How to use: 1 turn it off, 2 turns on and provides the buy and sell signals for above 70 and below 30 RSI respectively. 3 and 4 provide slow and fast RSI trade signals respectively.
4 is my favorite and can be used to provide confluence.

- VWAP - Volume Weighted Average Price . a 2 value is the regular vwap line. A value of 3 or 4 will show that the VWAP line or fill from line until the close is colored
according to slope of EMA 5. How to use: Buy below the VWAP if it shows some support and sell/Short above if it shows some resistance. When the color is red it will show the

- ROC - Rate of Change trade signals. Take note of the circle shaped symbols. Normal mode shows you when the rate of change has crossed the zero line; this can be a very bullish or bearish signal. 3rd mode will gives signals based on whether ROC has stopped making new highs or new lows. 4th mode gives the fastest signals, making it the least risky.

- MFI - Money Flow Index trade Signals. Take note of the Long arrow symbols. Modes work as described.

- BOP - Balance of power trade signals. Take note of the square symbols. The simple mode provides only the biggest trade signals, and the complex mode provides both the biggest and smallest trade signals.

- OBV - A running total of positive and negative volume . Take note of the diamond shaped symbols. Slow signals are really slow. Fast signals are really fast. Use according to your trading speed preference.

- Stochastics - A momentum oscillator that provides trade signals. Take note of the plus shaped symbols and factor them into your judgement on when to trade.

- CCI - Commodity Channel Index trade signals based on momentum. Take note of the X symbols.

- CMF - Chaikin Money Flow trade signals. Take note of the flag symbols.

- ADX - ADX is a component of the Directional Movement System developed by Welles Wilder. When it says to buy, I suggest that you go long, and then before it says to sell you try to sell. And then you can also try to go long before it says to buy. As soon as I see buy, I want to be in the stock and conversely, when I see sell I want to be out of it.

- Price-Volume Divergence - This indicator is a candle by candle indicator which shows that if volume is rising and price is falling, then there is bullish divergence , Conversely if price is rising and volume is falling there is bearish divergence. This a leading indicator.

- Ichimoku Clouds - This indicator just shows the clouds in the Ichimoku cloud system. It can be used to buy under the clouds and sell over the clouds. It can also be used as a possible support/resistance level during an uptrend/downtrend respectively.

- PSAR - Parabolic Stop and Reverse . Denotes uptrends/downtrends, by multiple dotted lines. You can use it by buying/selling when it breaks out of a downtrend/uptrend respectively. Or you can use it to sell/buy during an uptrend/downtrend respectively. Warning: it is generally slow. I find that it's very reliable from a 5 minute perspective.

- Fibonacci levels - People generally use Fibonacci levels for retracement for when a stock pulls back. I personally like to use it as a predictive tool along with looking at the slope. If the slope is negative/positive and moving away/near from 50% line then, I would be bearish / bullish respectively.

- Moving Average ( EMA and SMA ) lines - Exponential moving average and Smooth moving average lines. EMA lines move faster and SMA lines move slower. I like to use these lines as trend lines which can tell me if there is an uptrend or downtrend. The strength of the trend is shown by the distance away from the slowest EMA / SMA lines. I like to sell when it's far above the trendline, and buy when it's closer to the trendline. Be weary of the price crossing trendlines .

- Information Panel - (Price location, Trend Strength, Volatilty Ratio, Current State, Reversal/Continuation Odds): Mode 2 will give you basic price location info. Mode 3 is my favorite and will give you the most info. and Mode 4 will give you the Schwager volatility ratio which can help with stock selection; the higher the ratio, the more movement can be expected.

- Support & Resistance levels - Horizontal dotted lines which show the stock price and where it experiences support/resistance . Can be used in many ways. I like to use it by counting the number of support/resistance lines provided and if support lines exceed resistance lines, I will be more likely to go long.

- Candle Colors - Overlay a color onto the Candles. Note: I encourage the use of Heiken Ashi which helps a lot with low volume candles. Candles can be colored according to their location within the bands, and also according to a trailing stop loss based on Average True Range . Buy low, sell high for the location mode and for the stop loss mode, selling/buying is encouraged when the bars go completely red/green respectively.

- Linear Regression - Draws a (black) line of best fit, and shows 2 standard deviations away from the line of best fit above(red) and below(green). I suggest buying/selling below/above the line of best fit respectively. Strong buys or sells generally occur below or above the standard deviation lines respectively.
Release Notes: To obtain access to this script, please visit: http://www.crosel.ca/indicators

The price is currently $29.99 per month (Early Bird pricing). 1 month from now the price will increase to $49.99 per month.

After paying, please send me a PM here or an e-mail to info@crosel.ca with your full name and I will grant you access.

Bonus indicators Included:

- CroSel Super Trend
- CroSel Hilo GANN
- CroSel PWV
- CroSel ROC
- CroSel MACD + RSI Combo
Release Notes: *Updated Chart* Notice how Super Trend is a leading indicator.
Release Notes: For the algo signals, I've added the option to set Take Profit % and Stop Loss %.

Note: For proper scaling, right-click on the price-axis of any chart and click "Scale Price Chart Only" (only need to do this once).
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