multicolor Bollinger Bands (BB <-> KC)

After every low volatile phase comes a high volatile phase and after every high volatile phase comes a low volatile phase.
If the Bollinger bands are smaller then the Keltner channel (colored red), the price action is low in volatility… meaning a breakout (colored green) will happen soon.

If Bollinger band is bigger than the Keltner channel = green
If Bollinger band is smaller than the Keltner channel = red

Displaying the Keltner Channel is optional
If multicolor BB is disabled, BB color = blue (default color)
Customise colors to your liking under settings -> style


To get alerts for all coins

1. visit »

2. set the filter to »
Bollinger Upper Band (20) below Keltner Channels Upper Band (20)
Bollinger Lower Band (20) above Keltner Channels Lower Bands (20)

3. add your own custom filters, like: exchange, marketcap, etc…

4. choose the timeframe you want

5. enable alerts
Release Notes:
  • added Alerts
  • added Vix Fix
  • changed Multipliers to float (0.1 steps possible now)
  • changed default value of Keltner Multiplier to 1.5 AND added comparing the BB width & KC width values into the calculation to make it highly accurate ;)
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