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An Insight into Structure Mapping and Order Block Identification with Smart Money Concepts

Structure Mapping & Order Blocks Advanced - Beta serves as a fundamental pillar in the realm of Smart Money Concepts. This indicator adeptly charts the market structure based on a refined version of SMC while identifying Order Blocks. All the concepts embedded in this method are meticulously defined, offering users the ability to chart the market structure with heightened confidence. With this indicator, there is no need for excessive questioning of the accuracy of your markings; it diligently strives to perform this task effectively. There are no hidden 'magic' properties underlying this indicator, ensuring that our users can independently verify each and every feature. It is this commitment to transparency that sets us apart and makes us unique in the market.

In this discussion, we delve into the intricacies of Break of Structure, Change of Character, and SMART MONEY TRAP. We also introduce the concepts of Extreme Order Blocks, Decisional Order Blocks, and Smart Money Trap Order Blocks.

Chapter 1: Understanding Structure Mapping:
Let's begin with some definitions:
- Inside bars are candles that lie within the range of a preceding candle.
- Pullbacks occur in an uptrend when the low of a preceding candle's range (excluding inside bars) is breached, and the price continues to rise.

- Inducements (IDM) are price levels defined as the low of the latest pullback before the most recent high. They often act as liquidity points that the market revisits before continuing its move.

- Break of Structure (BoS):
In an uptrend, after surpassing an IDM, the most recent high becomes a Confirmed structure high, or a Major High. If the price then closes above this Major High, a Bullish Break of Structure (Bullish BoS) is confirmed. Similarly, the lowest point between these movements becomes a Confirmed structure low or Major Low in a downtrend.

- Change of Character (ChoCh):
In an uptrend, if the price falls below a Major Low, it indicates a shift in market bias from Bullish to Bearish, or a Bearish Change of Character.
Example of a bullish ChoCh:

Chapter 2: The Significance of Order Blocks:
Order Blocks (OB) play a pivotal role in Smart Money Concepts during entry points. Understanding what they represent and how to identify them is essential. For a Bullish/Bearish Order Block to be confirmed, specific conditions, including price imbalance and breaching the previous candle's high or low, must be met. We will delve into the finer details of identifying and trading Order Blocks, with an emphasis on the fact that price often reacts from Decisional Order Blocks, Extreme Order Blocks, and Smart Money Trap Order Blocks.

- An OB is the initial candle range of a pullback that creates a Fair value gap.

These are zones where proactive traders enter the market, resulting in significant price changes indicated by Fair value gaps. It is believed that when the price revisits these zones in the future, it tends to bounce back. This property makes Order Blocks excellent potential entry points.

Order Blocks are categorized as follows:
- Extreme OB: The first and lowest OB between the Major Low and Major High.
- Decisional OB: The most recent OB lower than the current IDM.
- Smart Money Traps: All OBs between Extreme and Decisional OB.
- Demand above IDM / Supply below IDM

Chapter 3: Understanding SMART MONEY TRAP (SMT):
SMART MONEY TRAP is a concept that brings clarity to the distinction between Structure and Order Blocks within Smart Money Concepts and is a unique feature of this indicator. While many Smart Money Traders base their trades on Structure and Order Blocks, it's crucial to recognize that Order Blocks serve as an additional confirmation for buy or sell decisions. Blindly trading based on Order Blocks is not advisable. Instead, traders should exercise patience and await other confirmations like inducement or Liquidity sweep before executing trades on Order Blocks. We will illustrate how this concept works in practice.

In the example above, the market largely disregards all the SMTs and responds favorably to the Extreme OB. This presents a promising trading opportunity, with a stop loss placed below the OB and a take profit set at the fill of the Fair value gap.

Structure Mapping & Order Blocks Advanced - Beta embodies the essence of Smart Money Concepts, serving as a powerful tool for traders. This indicator effectively combines the elements of structure mapping and Order Blocks to guide trading decisions. By comprehending the dynamics of Impulsive Moves and Corrections, distinguishing between Bearish and Bullish Order Flow, and mastering the identification and trading of Order Blocks while considering SMART MONEY TRAP, traders can gain a competitive edge in the dynamic landscape of financial markets.

This document serves as a comprehensive guide to Structure Mapping & Order Blocks Advanced - Beta, highlighting its significance within the Smart Money Concepts framework. It is essential to apply these concepts judiciously to enhance trading.
Release Notes:
Minor bugs fixed

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