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Hello Reader,
This is Observer from Vietnam.

I'd like to share my script for Round Math, it's for only education purpose.

I make the formula math_row(x, y) to round the value as we design and shorten the number appearance (value). It's more flexible than str.tostring(close,format.volume) or others.

Formula math_row(x,y)
- x is the value which need to be rounded or shorten
- y is the number which you want to round after "." symbol.

If x < 1.000, no shorten
If x >= 1.000 and x < 1.000.000, shorten to thousand value with "K" letter
If x >= 1.000.000 and x <, shorten to million value with "M" letter
If x >=, shorten to billion value with "B" letter

If y = 0 => no round
If y = 1 => round to format ###.#
If y = 2 => round to format ###.##
If y = 3 => round to format ###.###
If y is other => round to default format of Tradingview

math_row(1.002342, 3) = 1.002
math_row(1923.321, 2) = 1.92K
math_row(221452133, 1) = 221.5M

Hope it useful and clear to you.
Release Notes:
Update on Chart
Release Notes:
Revise the format of value > 1B from ###.# to #,###.#
Other cases are unnecessary to revise.
Release Notes:
Revise the name
Release Notes:
Update formula for negative number
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