'last red low / last green high' exit

This is a good alternative to pivot points and ma lines to find long and short exit points (stop loss prices) for a trade.
When you hear traders say "set the stop loss to the recent swing", this indicator seems to do a reasonable job of finding those.

This script marks
  • the low of the most recent red candle
  • the high of the most recent green candle
in order to help identify a reasonable stop loss exit point for long and short trades.

You can also specify a distance threshold to the stop loss point.

How to use it.
  • Decide how far from the current price the exit should be (default 1.5%)
  • Use your chosen trading strategy to identify a long or short entry position
  • Add a long/short drawing to the close of the trade candle
  • Set the stop loos of your drawing to the exit line of this indicator
  • Set the take profit of your drawing using the desired risk to reward ratio

Note: A good rule is that if this indicator does not show a valid exit line, do not enter the trade.
Note: If the change of a new "last Green High" or the "last Red Low" is below 0.5%, the indicator will keep the previous values
Release Notes:
Fixed an issue where the distance to exit % was not using the input.
Changed the default to 0.5
Release Notes:
Changed line type
removed stuff from the cart.
Release Notes:
Fix error converting the change required to switch to a new recent low/high
Also added input for that threshold
Release Notes:
Removed a debug plot because I'm an idiot
Release Notes:
Added the ability to show or hide long or short lines.
Release Notes:
Removed an unreasonable offset
Release Notes:
added a change filter for the plot to make the chart clearer
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