UCSgears_Transaction Valuation Index

This is an indicator, That works great in a wip-saw market range. Would not use this to trade in a breakout.
I am calling it the "Transaction Value Index (UCS_TVI)", The reason is because, it measure where the price currently from the mean trade value.

The cross represents the highest trade value on that day, circle represents the lowest trade value.
In other words, Top and bottom of the candle wicks, in relation to the mean trade value ( MTV ).

Watchout for Further Updates on Optimizing this indicator.


As Usual, Good Luck

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// Created by UCSgears, Inspired from the Value Bands published recently
// Also Inspired from the Hubert Senters "Death of Fundamentals" Webinar

study(title="UCS_Transaction Value Index", shorttitle="UCS_TVI", overlay=false)
lbl = input(5, minval=1, title="Look Back Period Length")
sd = input(0.25, minval=0.1, title = "Zone Multiplier")

// Transaction Value Index
tvic = ((close-(sma(close,lbl)))/sma(tr, lbl))/sd
tvih = ((high-(sma(close,lbl)))/sma(tr, lbl))/sd
tvil = ((low-(sma(close,lbl)))/sma(tr, lbl))/sd
// Horizontal Lines for Zone Seperation
h0=hline(0, "Zero Line", gray, solid, 1)
h1=hline(+5, "Fair Value Top", green, solid, 3)
h2=hline(-5, "Fair Value Bottom", green, solid, 3)
h3=hline(+10, "Over Value", orange, dashed, 1)
h4=hline(-10, "Under Value", orange, dashed, 1)
h5=hline(+15,"Extremely Over Value", red, dashed, 2)
h6=hline(-15,"Extremely Under Value", red, dashed, 2)
fill(h1,h2, green, 80, "Fair Value Zone")
fill(h1,h3, orange, 80, "Over Value Zone")
fill(h3,h5, red, 80, "Extremely Over Value Zone")
fill(h2,h4, orange, 80, "Under Value Zone")
fill(h4,h6, red, 80, "Extremely Under Value Zone")
// TVI for High, Low and Close
plot(tvic, color=blue, title = "TVI - Close", style = linebr, linewidth = 2)
plot(tvih, color=gray, title = "TVI - High", style=cross, linewidth = 2)
plot(tvil, color=gray, title = "TVI - Low", style=circles, linewidth = 2)