SuperTrend Volatility

This indicator is actually composition of 3 indicator to one common one
it based on super trend , OBV and volatility % range
obv act as our source for the super trend to make it more sensitive
you can control it as a regular super trend + the addition of volatility % range ( volatility factor)
so 1 is volatility range , can be from 0.1 to 5 depend on your liking.
i set it here in this example of btc 4 hour chart to be 0.5 which is 1/2 of the volatility % range since it fitted better this particular asset . for stock i prefer 1 as my factor
this indicator as i normally do have alert and signal inside.
the aim of this indicator is to maximize trend on one hand and other to keep sensitivity high
one of the problem with regular super trend that as we keep the we increase the trend to be longer it lose sensitivity .
by this method that i show here i try to minimize that bad effect and make it both sensitive and more responsive. this is one of the reason i use a modified version of OBV as a source to it .
for each asset that you use try to find the best fit so this model can work properly
here apple with factor=1 as range
on daily it better half of volatility range


gold 4 hour
gold 1 hour
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