EMA Ribbon - low clutter, configurable [aspiers]

This script improves on many of the existing EMA ribbon scripts out there:

  • Reduces visual clutter with shorter labels / titles, and thinner, transparent lines which don't obscure the actual price chart
  • Two beautiful color gradients for up and down trends
  • All colors and EMA periods are fully configurable, using the new input grouping / inline features
  • Uses Pine Script v4, which makes it more future-proof and allows new functionality, e.g.
  • It allow configurable period resolution, e.g. so user can fix at day resolution even when chart is being viewed at hour or minute resolution (this is the default)
  • Code clean-up: remove redundant ternary conditionals, improve variable names
  • Allow smoothing threshold for changes in trend direction to be configurable
Release Notes: Better screenshot:

Release Notes: Another attempt to fix screenshot.
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