Easy stock

very simple indicator for stocks and others
first step is weekly range of hull color in yellow and gray
next is linear regression length 100
signal are product of cross over of weekly hull and linear regression
put it on 4 hour chart and just follow the buy and sell:)
here some examples
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Appreciated the work done

just little question, is hma3 working in the below statement?

b =security(syminfo.tickerid, tf10, hma3(close, length))
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@dgtrd, you can change it to a better version of hull if you want. The issue i saw is the corelation between weekly hull and linear regresion length 100 on 4hour chart. This can give us to see very nicely where trend exist. If you put it with other indicators. You can make this truly nice. I wrote an example on NIfty bank how to use it properly for Day trading. You can found this in my idea section of my profile
dgtrd RafaelZioni
@RafaelZioni, thnaks a lot
Gracias por tu trabajo y difusión pública del mismo.
Soy novato en estos temas, y me ha parecido interesesantísimo tu indicaor. Tendría una pregunta ¿es igual de útil para una inversión a largo plazo? o ¿habría que modificar algún parámetro?.Quedo a la espera de tu respuesta.
RafaelZioni cputec02
@cputec02, only God is perfect..
you can try this special indicator for stocks as well

Thanks a lot. How to filter NSE stocks for buy or sell signal, any tool available or mannualy we have to check. Let me know sir
great job again
why is it not plotting as per your screenshot?
Good Morning sir.

Thanks and appreciate your efforts. Stay Safe, Blessed and Connected !!!!