Bart Pattern [LUX]

As a sequel to our 'meme indicator' series... The Bart Pattern Detector identifies confirmed regular and inverted Bart patterns using edge detection.


  • Median Lookback: Lookback period of the median filter used for the edge detection, with a shorter period allowing to detect shorter-term and less spaced patterns.
  • Edge Detection Sensitivity: Sensitivity of the edge detection method, with higher values making the method less sensible to edges of low magnitude.
  • Range To Edges Threshold: Threshold for the range to edges ratio, with lower values detecting Bart patterns with flatter ranges between the edges.
  • Show Inverted Barts: Show inverted Bart patterns.
  • Mode: Determines how detected Bart patterns are displayed.


This indicator can be used to study past Bart patterns and how the market responded to them. Their detection is not done in real-time. Additionally detected edges are used to indicate the current market sentiment.

If you don't want a meme on your chart, you can also use the simple mode - but don't worry, we won't judge you if you don't...


The origins of Bart patterns can be hard to pinpoint but most likely originate from social media around 2018. This pattern has been mostly covered in the cryptocurrency market similarly to how the McDonald's Pattern became a popular meme within the community. See our McDonald's Pattern Indicator that was created by us as our first 'meme indicator' in the series

The Bart pattern as its name suggests occurs when price forms a structure resembling the head of the Simpson character "Bart Simpson". This is characterized by a rectangular structure, which is a sideways market delimited by sharp volatile edges.

The Bart pattern is sometimes traded before completion, waiting for a breakout of a support/resistance located within the sideway part of the pattern.

The cause of this pattern is still discussed by traders, with some attributing it to over-leveraged market participants and while others attributing it to exchanges themselves through spoofing.


Barts patterns are very volatile structures, characterized by sudden price jumps, be careful when trading them.

Shout to the famous alien @lilmayo and our good pal @scheplick for the suggestion to create this work of art.

And don't forget to eat your shorts.
Release Notes: Minor changes.

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