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MO DMI is our indicator for Directional Movement Index . When DMI+ is above DMI- , the price has more upward pressure than downward pressure. Conversely, if DMI- is above DMI+, the price has more downward pressure. This helps traders assess the trend direction.

The directional movement index (DMI) measures both the strength and direction of a price movement and is used to reduce false signals.

The DMI employs two standard indicators, one negative (-DI) and one positive (+DI), with a third, the average directional index (ADX), which is nondirectional but shows momentum.

The larger the spread between the two primary lines, the stronger the price trend. If +DI is way above -DI, the price trend is strongly up. If -DI is way above +DI, then the price trend is strongly down.

ADX measures the strength of the trend, either up or down. If it's above 25, that indicates a strong trend. ADX below 15 means trend change or a range, consolidation (sideways period) starting.

MO DMI comes with a color coded fill area between Plus and Minus DMI's to help user identify faster the moves, as is a lagging indicator, need to be combined with a leading indicator for better results.

The indicator comes with 10 alerts :

  • Alert for Plus Cross Above Minus DMI
  • Alert for Minus Cross Above Plus DMI
  • Alert for AVG Increasing
  • Alert for AVG Decreasing
  • Alert for Consolidation
  • Alert for ADX Crossing Above 25
  • Alert for DMI+ Crossing Above 25
  • Alert for DMI- Crossing Above 25
  • Alert for DMI+ Crossing Below 15
  • Alert for DMI- Crossing Below 15

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