Bitcoin Cycle Synthesis 1/2 (BCS)

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Works with "Bitcoin Cycle Synthesis 2/2".

These two indicators, working as one, provide a powerful and comprehensive summary of the state of Bitcoin's cyclicality. There are many options to customize, and the panels summarize the indications shown on the chart. The Bitcoin Cycle Synthesis even takes into consideration several on-chain data (Hash Ribbon and Puell Multiple). It allows you to identify the top and bottom of the cycle as well as the different market phases. It also displays the previous Halving dates, as well as the estimation of this next event.

It is best to use this indicators on a weekly or monthly time frame. As the name suggests, it is designed especially for Bitcoin. However, it can give interesting information for other assets as well.
Release Notes:
Update 4th Halving date.
Release Notes:
  • Added checkboxes to hide unwanted elements.
  • Implemented tooltips for each parameter.
  • Design improvements.
  • Adjusted the date of the next Halving forecast.
  • Added an option to offset the labels to not hide the price candles.
Release Notes:
  • New data table design. Moreover, it is now fully configurable.
  • A few other design adjustments.
Release Notes:
  • Integration of 'Cycle Bands', a new indicator that can be displayed from the parameters, giving precise areas of interest on Bitcoin and allowing you to gauge the progress of cycles.
  • Some parameter values are now hidden for better readability.
  • Added a version number at the end of parameters.
Release Notes:
Addition of an alerting system. This alert can be activated by setting the condition "Bitcoin Cycle Synthesis 1/2 (BCS)" and selecting "Any alert() function call". The alerts sent are as follows:
  • Bullmarket/Bearmarket confirmation.
  • MM200 in buy or sell zone.
  • Top/Bottom signals.

Other Updates:
  • Some parameter values are now hidden for better readability.
  • Code optimization.
Release Notes:
  • Adjusting the next halving date.
  • Better display of values for certain elements.

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Works with "Bitcoin Cycle Synthesis 2/2 (BCS)". You can find all the information about the Bitcoin Cycle Synthesis here:

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