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My friends, this is a very simple script, but it has some work to function the way it currently does.

Basically it prints the HIGH and LOW from previous day into the current day. This forms like a channel.
It's useful to visually detect when the price cross over the yesterday's high, or close under yesterday's low.

You can activate/deactivate colors as input parameter:
- Price above a previous high: fills green.
- Price below a previous low: fills red.
- Price inside previous low/high: fills blue.

Hope this helps to you too.
This only works for intraday resolutions only (less than 1D)

More to come: I'm working to include pre-market low/high for the current trading day.

Release Notes:
  • Added the ability to select another resolution to plot the previous high and previous low. Previously it was limited to yesterday's high/low (according to the name of the script). Several users have requested this should be useful.
  • Added support to create alert conditions. You can now create three different alerts with this script: Breakout Previous High, Breakout Previous Low and Breakout Rejected.

Thanks so much to all the users that are using and reporting improvements to this indicator.

Happy trading!
Release Notes:
In this version we have fixed the breakout that occurs in the first candle of the day.
The crossover and crossunder function was not properly working when crossing the previous day high or low for the first candle.
See for example the January 14, 2023 0:00 UTC or Feb, 16 2023 0:00 UTC for BTCUSDT.

Thanks to @tronsom ( for reporting the issue.
Release Notes:
Couple of additions to this script: the mid price.

  • Calculate and plot the mid Price that is the middle line between yesterday's High and yesterday's Low.
  • Calculate the crossing up and down the yesterday's mid price and send custom alert for both conditions.
  • Add new parameters to allow the user to choose if they want to see the mid price or not. Similar for mid price cross alerts.
  • Organize the code for improved reading.

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