Vdub BinaryPro 2.1

Releasing due to overwhelming multiple requests
Binary Pro 2.1
With the additional Binary Pro 2
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Hi, Thanks for this awesome script. While I am new to Binary just going through your scripts. I really get confused which one to select. Maybe you can tell the difference which indicator to use with which template and the time interval to be used M1, M5 if one is looking for 15 to 30 minutes trade.
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vdubus JohnWick
@JohnWick, There are no rules. You just have to see what works best for you. My advice is don't become reliant on any indicator, better to learnt to read a clean price chart before applying anything else to your analysis.
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How do I get scripts
@Song2019, use Add to favorites button on the script's page.
Access please!
Does anybody know how to add the 2.1 and 2 together? They both come separate unlike shown about My trading view keeps saying the two can not be added together. Thanks
charliecoupland charliecoupland
Sorted now! Magic merge 👍🏻
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scarf charliecoupland
@charliecoupland, Drag the lower indicator line on top of the one above it
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@scarf, Exactly